Animal Abuse vs Child Abuse?

Personally I think both are totally wrong.
Yet I feel in my heart I as a person should do something about all the animal cruelty, I feel that there is a lot more coverage of Child Abuse than Animal Abuse, children do have the ability to speak out, they can talk to people like childline etc, and people help them, I am obviously not referring to babies, the help is there. Whereas Animals, they can t phone a helpline and ask for help, they rely totally on us when we care for them, so what are your thoughts, are people in this world destined forever to be a load of abusers or are there people who actually care?
I dont really understand my own question, just want thoughts on this 🙂

I believe both are equally wrong. But animals don’t have a voice and never will, dogs were domesticated for our needs, they depend on humans to take care of them. No different than a helpless child, why would some say they’re the same because they are of a different species what makes humans superior? Its a life that depends on us!

Also, I see if an abuser who can hurt an animal can hurt a child. Disgusting!! Unfortunately, there are some people who can’t even take care of there children, more so a pet. Luckily, for the animals there are people like us who do care for both (EQUALLY).

I think you are right that there is not enough done about animal abuse. It is a horrible issue that is often ignored because people think “they are just animals” However, I don’t like to compare animal abuse to child abuse because they are two seperate things. As a human being I do feel that I child being abused, being one of my own species and also because I am a mom/woman/kind hearted person and it is just instinct, needs more protection than an animal. I would never turn away from an animal in need as long as I can help it, and I stand up to people who think that animals don’t have feelings and don’t deserved to be loved and respected, however if I had to choose over a child in need or an animal I will always choose the child. That is just nature in general, we look out for our own, so it is not that we don’t care about animals, we just care more about our children.

It think both of them need more attention, animal abuse, and child abuse. In my opinion they are both as bad a each other. No living creature should go through the abuse some go through.

I remember seeing a TV documentary following the RSPCA and they suggested that anyone that harmed animals should have social services check that their kids have not also been abused since the two usually go hand in hand.
I don’t think this has been implemented yet as far as I know – but there is a link between the two.
I used to feel very strongly for animal rights before I had kids, now I realize that anyone who cannot talk for themselves needs us to speak up for them since they are abused by people taking advantage of that fact.
Animals, disabled people, elderly, babies and even unborn babies all deserve equal rights.
It only takes one person to speak up and the whole universe responds. So speak up! I am listening.

I take child and animal abuse VERY seriously. I hate anyone who does anything to eurt those who cannot defend themselves, and would happily inflict a hell of a lot of pain on them!!
And yeh, animal rights doesnt get the same coverage as child abuse. And I think it should. The thing is that a lot of people think that animals do not have the same concept of pain and neglect that us humans do. And although feel the pain do not understand it. I don’t see that as a reason why we shouldn’t be helping more. I donate to charities every month and although I do my bit I feel that isn’t every thing I could be doing.

Also, the sentences given to those who abuse animals is pitiful! A woman got a fine, an fing fine! For boiling her daughter’s..alive. That is wrong. To me that is murder and at least should have a years jail sentence.

People don’t seem to have their priorities in order.
Though of course child abuse is something sick beyond belief. Hurtin something of a different species is one thing, but one of our own. One who cannot defend themselves in any form. I simply don’t get these people.

animal rights is strongly in my heart and cannot understand the people who 1. hurt them and 2. don’t belive its a worthwhile cause.

My friend told me how someone came round and knocked on their door promoting Animal Rights..I think it was the RSPCA though not sure..and her Dad told them to f off and come back when its a worthwhole charity!! I was shocked and nect time I saw him ended up having a blazing row with him and putting him in his place. Which he didnt expect from a young woman. Ha!

Anyways rambling a bit here. God this is long. Sorry. It jus really gets my goat.
So, yeh all in all I agree with you.

Would you consider cutting the top of the skull off a monkey and eating the brains whilst it is still alive cruelty?It’s considered a delicacy in the Country where they practise this.
When your dog becomes unable to walk out to go to the toilet as the back legs have become crippled with arthritis(german shepherds) is it cruel to keep it alive?Most get put down to save the suffering.
Now consider this, you have given birth to a beautiful boy you take care and nurture this child then you notice a change in personality and have many conversations about “what’s the problem?”.You don’t really get to the cause.You come in from work one day and find your son hanging from a dressing gown cord and a note explaining that he could no longer live with the abuse he had received from a family member and his mates.The first question to yourself would be …

I am a person that cares.
Seems like you are a person that cares.

People like us are hard to find.
I say there are 2 types of people on this earth.

Genuine People = You know what to expect from them.
Respect, Kindness, Love, Good Things, & Ect.

Everyone Else = No telling what to expect. A bash in the head.
Break into your house, Kill You, Steal from you, All bad stuff.

If it crosses my eye sight or my ears ?
It’s my business.
I will intervene.
Whether it kills me or not.
I don’t care.

You see someone getting beat up across the street.
You go and hide or run.
Next day you find out that person died.

What if you had said something.
What if you had of called the police.
What if you used your car to act like you were going to run into them to disperse them.
Isn’t a life worth more than a little time ? A Car ? A Phone Call?

I know,animal abuse is horrible,but there will always be people to abuse to them if given the chance.

Just like there will always be people who will steal and kill.

Animal abuse can be as simple a a young child not taking care of a fish properly,as long as people are compelled to have animals but are inexpirenced with them,their will most likely be some kind of abuse.
Whether if its intentional or not,or if they are aware of it,that is what makes the difference.

They are both wrong and cruel. Both children and animals sometimes don’t have the voice to say what is wrong and happening to them. I believe if you wanted to abuse either why have them they are there to love and enjoy not cause harm to in anyway. I agree there needs to be more coverage on animal abuse and the owners need punished just like child abusers.

Well i am with you that both equally suck ! it makes me sick to see either one abused. If i knew how to fix both of them I would. I think that sometimes social services spends to much time investigation false claims and then it makes a mess of that service and the “REAL” problems slip through the cracks.
I also think that PETA as a general rule does the same thing. We Never or nearly never hear about the GOOD things that either organization is doing. we hear what the media feeds us. Generally Bad info. So I feel dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t. Does my answer make sense. I always hope that all abusers are caught and punished accordingly! By a jury of there peers or inmates when they go to prison.

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