Can I get custody of my little brother?

My brother is 11 years old and I am 20 and my husband is 21. We both have great jobs, a nice, big house, and can easily accommodate at 11 year old and would love to.
Currently, my grandfather and nana have custody of him. The only reason they have custody of him is because my mother lost custody upon failing multiple drug tests for narcotics and was sent away to rehab, whereas our father is not in the picture whatsoever. My grandparents were only supposed to have temporary custody of him until my mother got clean, but she never did and her life just got worse. It has been about 5 years now that he has lived with them. Now my grandmother is on her death bed and doesn’t get out of bed, my grandfather works constantly and leaves them alone while he goes to hang out with his girlfriend, to the club, to have fun, etc (He’s 70 and acts like he’s 16), plus he has extreme anger issues. He isn’t blood related either, but that is besides the point.
My little brother was never supposed to live with them in the first place. I lived with them for a while when I was a minor, but as soon as I became an adult I have been working my butt off to give my little brother a better life. I know how horrible it is in that household and that he shouldn’t have to grow up like that.
How hard would it be to get custody of him? My grandpa has already clearly stated that he would not give me custody, but I have gotten my little brother’s opinion and he wants me to. What can I do?

Depends on the custody papers they have for the boy. If they are married, and the papers name both of them as caregivers – grandpa does not need to be blood related.
A possible option – getting nana to sign guardianship of the boy over to you.
This is time for a good family law attorney. The answer to your question all depends on what type of legal papers they have for the boy.
(State placement, guardians, custodial care for examples)

I doubt it due to your age…..but only a lawyer and the juvenile courts can help you.BTW…..is it your husband or finance ?and get checked for that possible STD you might have ,David.

You have everything to lose if you don’t try.

You can go see an attorney but it seems that you have a lot of factors in your favour yes you are young, but your brother wants to live with you, and the child’s wishes are important, you are stable financially it seems as you have a house and a great job, you will have the support of your husband and you can let the court know that the child is being left unsupervised which should not be at all and of course with your grandmother dying makes it worse, because you grandfather may just act worse and bring people over when she passes. In addition they have temporary custody, so that is also helpful to you as you can now show the court that your mother never got clean, but now you are in a better position to take care of the child and that it would be in the child’s best welfare to be with you and your husband as you can provide financially and meet the emotional and other needs of the child which aren’t being met. Basically you can show the court that he isn’t in a good position right now, it is worth a try to help your brother so go see an Attorney. Wish you all the best in getting through and hope it works in your favour.

hire an attorney and be prepared to shell out $25k + if it is contested and you really want a fight….depends where you live

You would have to go to court, and prove that your living conditions are suitable for your brother. By the sound of your question, you have a good chance of getting custody of your little brother.

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