Clear past google searches?

Is there a way to clear all the searches that you have made in the past on google? As whenever I search for something a drop down list appears with all my past searches but I dont want that.

Here’s what you can do in Firefox:

* Click on Tools -> Options
* Click on the Privacy tab
* Click on settings to check what you want to clear.
* Check Saved Form and Search history
* Click OK.
* Click Clear Now.

Actually, here’s a quicker way using a shortcut.

* Press Ctrl + Shift + Del
* Check Saved Form and Search History
* Click on “Clear Private Data”

On Internet Explorer 6

* Click on Tools -> Internet Options
* Click on the Content tab
* Click AutoComplete in the Personal Information section
* Click on Clear Forms to clear the current history
* If you want to disable AutoComplete make sure you uncheck Forms

On Internet Explorer 7

* Click on Tools -> Internet Options
* Click on General tab
* Click on Delete in the Browsing History section
* Click on Delete forms

On my Windows XP, I click on the blue drop down arrow at the end of the search box, at the bottom right there is a ‘clear history’ in blue, just click on that.

Just go to your internet options and delete everything that it lists… works for me. But it does depend on whether you have a toolbar above, if you do- there should be like a little button you press and all the stuff that you’ve typed before should be there and there should be ‘clear history’ right there.

Clear your cache and cookies, those are what stores them. You can also do something simple, double click on the box with nothing in it ( bringing up the list ) and hold down the delete button after you move your mouse over one, It should delete them all fast.

you can go to tools >> clear private data

or if you have the google search bar right click in it and click ” clear search history “

just go to tools-> internet options -> then click on clear history and delete files hope this works if this dose not work then
right click on your taskbar->
go to propertis ->
go to start menu tab->
select customize button->
go to advance tab->
and click on clear list button…
this thing clear all resent history of your computer

if you use mozilla firefox click tools->clear private data-> check the cookies box and press clear private data box
if you use another type of internet browser you can download and install mozilla fire fox which is much faster than internet explorer here
or you can download and run ccleaner here

This will clear everything you need to


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