Has anyone else noticed a &quot:shift&quot: in the content of this particular segment of Y!A?

It used to be that there were a handful of questions intended to incite sprinkled in with the majority of questions seeking an answer or explanation along with the fun questions that would pop up here and there.

Anymore, this site just seems to be driven by the mindset What ridiculous question can I ask in an effort to try to make those who believe (or don’t believe) appear idiotic?

Anyone else notice that or is it just me?

I’ve held this account since August of 2006, which puts my time here at just about 5.5 years. That’s an awfully long time to sit on any one board… You see trends come, you see people go….

R&S was vastly different when I first joined.. I was actually here longer than what the account shows, but a suspension took care of that. Anyway…

When I joined, there was a nice mix of atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu… We had a few Zoroastrians (a true blessing, to have even one) … Taoist… I couldn’t begin to remember who all we had, and the religions to which they belonged. I miss them so much.

Aside from religious diversity, we had an intelligent, thoughtful lot. A few authors; an actress (we all saw her Oscar on her 360); Television and news producers… A Broadway actress. An opera star. An actual rocket scientist, one who lives about an hour away from me. A school teacher creationist. Another school teacher, this one an atheist from Argentina.

A witch from Wisconsin, someone whom I just loved to see on this board. An Armenian drummer, and my best friend. A Pakistani guitarist (I just answered one of his questions! Haven’t seen him in forever). A Muslimah named Natalie, who was in Pakistan and witnessed Bhutto’s assassination. A Catholic mother, loved by all, who sadly passed away…

We had a diverse, intelligent lot…. But more than that, we had people who knew the meaning of the word “respect.” We cared about the people in this forum. We saw them as human beings. We respected their points of view, we understood that not everyone would agree, one with another…

And when we did feel the need to debate, it was done so without name-calling and bashing. There was little, if any, real dislike, let alone hatred…

We formed a community. And that lasted until the Yahoo! message boards were shut down shortly after the death of Steve Irwin. Yahoo! shut them down for the obnoxious way the members trolled his then-8-year-old daughter, Bindi. You should have seen it… I was there, I saw… The board shut down, the invasion began…

For awhile, it was total mayhem. Thankfully, about half of the trolls who descended upon us chose to move on to other pastures. Some of those who stayed actually found themselves a niche, and we grew to enjoy their wit and intelligence when they weren’t being obnoxious. They actually found a place here… But then, things grew even too nasty for them. When we lament the loss of the Y!A greats, they are included…

There are still a few trolls who bring a smile, some who ask questions with a bit of intelligence and respect…. But for the most part, it’s just sniping and name-calling, nothing but disrespect.

You are not imagining this, nor are you waxing nostalgic. This place was not always the cesspool it has become.


Waving like a tard at Seals. ๐Ÿ™‚



(((((Been there)))))

Oh, my gosh… You’re the second ghost I’ve seen today. Abdul was here earlier, asking questions in Etiquette… I expect Lucky Fokker and devlsadvocte to come cruising by at any minute…

You’ve been missed, dear one. Add on as a contact, if you’d like.

Debra passed in the summer, it will be three (four?) years in July. I do know we had a March passing… Was it Tony? And Gandalf… we lost him several months ago. I don’t know what happened, I just know that he’s gone.

Gorgeous is a grandma, so she no longer has time for R&S. Barbra had a question featured as best and then disappeared. I’d give my right hand to know what happened to Hayden Lyfe… I think of that kid and worry over him more than anyone knows…If anyone has information…

Zilla no longer stops by. Bobby the Wolf has been gone forever, it seems. UP left upon Gandalf’s death. I don’t know what ever happened to Laptop Jesus. Ramjet. Jack B. Kychick. Beano. Filida. Epona. Chicky…

Sometimes, I think everyone who left is of far superior intelligence over those of us who stayed…

Have another hug. I never thought I’d see you again.

(((((Been there)))))

(((((Meds))))) is correct, as usual. His first question is a hoot, as the trollish questions should be. Wish you’d post a little more often, Meds… We could use the laughs.

(((((RP)))))…Now I know what’s happened to you. Bill, when you needed an intelligent answer to a question, RP could be counted upon to provide…

(((((Wayne)))))…I’m always afraid that with each suspension you’re going to leave.

(((((PKD)))))… I think we can all agree that it’s the new accounts who are ruining this for everyone. You’re OK.

(((((TAHTPB))))) … Angel, your last two lines speak volumes…

A great number of good folks no longer participate,with our highly distinguished and eclectic group of misfits…Personally,I believe we’ve exhausted our supply of decent questions and are simply running on fumes at this juncture…The only points of change,since my debut(5.5 years ago),is a marked increase in mean spirited posts and responses yet paradoxically,a noticeable upswing in light-hearted posts and silliness…(I’d like to believe,that I’ve been at least partially responsible(for the silliness,that is)…

It has become more mean spirited and less intellectually challenging over the years.

The Great Satan is always attempting to make our deep, meaningful questions appear ridiculous to further fuel hate and discord!

(((Bill))) No – you have a point. This place used to make me think, and laugh, and learn and share.

Now…it mostly makes me cringe.

Red Queen said it all.


The population of the board had changed a lot.

I remember I used to love this time of day, come and play Wheel, some Occulty avie games…


An Ask A Mexican Bad Joke Friday…answer a couple of serious questions, then finish my work day.

Yes, R&S is pretty angry now a days. The spirit has changed greatly. I’m finding fewer & fewer positive or even ambiguous questions.

PS: But the TD Faries are alive & well & thriving!!!!!!!!

Hi (((Bill))) I feel ya on this one. Now I come to R&S . . . and I might find 1 Q out of 40 or 50
to answer. It’s just a lot of vile posts and ridiculous Q’s ๐Ÿ™

I really miss my peeps ะ’ยป-(ะ’ะ‡`vะ’า‘ะ’ะ‡)-ะ’ยป where did they all go? ๐Ÿ™
I’m not on nearly as much as I used to be.

Hi (((Dar))) God bless everyone !!


Grab some popcorn and watch what happens when a mega-site mishandles religion. The regs at the last site were in the same perplexed state.

“Gee, why is this place getting more mean and less popular?”

Answer: It is an abomination. Mega-sites selling beer at a generic religion section while satanic priests earn points and badges for lying to kids about the Bible ADDS UP.

This place is going down in a big way. It is crumbling as I type this to you. What you are seeing are the cracks in the hull.

Added: And people who came here to thumb people down should not be at all surprised when their acts of hatred come back to roost. This place is a dark pit of iniquity and it is going to crumble. There will be hatemongers paying a price for a place that does not even exist anymore.

I have been at Yahoo! since there was a Yahoo! My Aunt was an English Lit professor for the founders. I signed up at this abomination looking for answers about the last destroyed mega-site I was sent to witness.

Silly regs. Tricks are for kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

Added: 10 thumbs down? And you wonder why your little hang-out is going away? This site is a meeting place for internet hate-mongers. People who are social outcasts who log on here to try and kill people.

You see, when I first got here I was blown away by the low quality of answers to my questions. I started wondering what other categories had these bad answers. Then I found the Mental Health section and people giving suicidal folks step-by-step instructions for killing themselves. I knew I had logged on to the most wicked website ever invented.

And now I come here to post to the reg crew and get a chorus of hatred.

Buckle up. You have been participating in vile activity that WILL come back to haunt you.

That’s how I remember it always being. Half of the atheists on here are theist trolls and 3/4 of the theists are atheist trolls.

What I have noticed is my reluctance lately to feed the trolls or be a troll as much as I used to.
I only spend half as much time here as I did a year ago.
Now I only seem to ask and answer questions I feel pertinent or fun.
When this place gets on my nerves, I retreat to Garden&Landscape, much as I do in real life.


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