Is my house haunted????

Ok so my house/yard is like 60 years old and it is six acres and one day my two dogs started running around it looked like they where chasing a rabbit or something but there was nothing there and now they do it pretty normally and they start barking at random stuff like a chair in the middle of the night. And also my cats stare randomly at places where there’s nothing there and I get random chills in different spots of the house. I’m starting to get really scared

Not to say I’m better or anything. But I’ve been possessed yes I’ve been possessed
by a demonic entity. It’s tried to make my kill family, do things I would never do. Sleep walk to my basement everything. My dog would be sleeping perfectly normal than jump up run to another room stand there and start barking at nothing. Dogs have been known to see entity’s humans cannot see. Same with babies, since the mind is more prone to control they are a easy target. You don’t even need a priest, I moved from that house when I was 13 I’m 15 now, but my dad step mom and I did a walk through of every house saying nothing can get me I am to powerful you will not follow me I am leaving this place we where attacked emotionally and where scared. The lights started flickering and all. This is no joke, entity’s are known to create ‘cool’ spots where they where just don’t freak out or let your mind be prone to fear.

Possibly, you could try moving the chair and seeing if the dogs still react to it in it’s new location. This will tell you if it’s that particular place where the chair is located that is significant, or the chair itself. If it’s only the chair you can deal with that in whatever way you deem appropriate, if it’s the location that’s a harder situation.

A cat staring is usually just them being a cat. From what i’ve read and seen, sudden startled jumps, puffy tails and running away from nothing is usually the signs. They are curious animals, but also easily spooked.

Random chills can just be a psychological experience. You’re thinking about it so much that you may convince yourself that something is happening. Not saying it isn’t, just be careful your emotions don’t interfere with your judgement of what is happening.

There are actually lots of spiritually minded people who offer “house cleansing” or similar, located everywhere around the world. Some do it for the money, others for the passion, but some people report that it’s effective. Ask around on local forums for anyone in your area who has had experience with such a service. I know it sounds strange, but most people simply don’t share that they’ve had such a thing done for fear of seeming cooky, but anonymously on the internet i’m sure they”ll share their story if you ask nicely.

Getting scared is the worst thing to do. Even if nothing is going on, fear can make you imagine that there is. If you want a truthful answer on this, most “haunted” homes or places are usually fixed up after a priest comes and commands the evil spirits to leave in the name of God. If you’re a religious person then the best way I can explain it is that demons feed off of fear and the more fear you have the stronger their presence will become. Either way, being afraid is a bad option.

Well I am mexican and we believe in alot of that stuff, but if that was my house or that was happening to me.. I would think it’s haunted.. What I’ve heared if they are barking at random things it’s cuz they either smell something or they see things we can’t. Like for example at my old house my dog would cry and bark all night and be looking towards nothing. But my house was actually haunted cuz I saw alot of things. Its like the spirits didnt want us in that house and eventually they did scare us out of there.. But don’t be scared.. If you have faith in god you’ll be fine(:

I don’t usually believe in ghosts but I think your house is haunted by invisible ghosts or there’s something wrong with your animals and you getting some chills for this I don’t know about this but you shud call someone or tell it to your mom or dad if they don’t believe you you need to figure this out for your self

when did you move in??? how long have you been in the house before the strange things started?? you should look into its history…. if things start to get really scary i would call in a priest

I think so YES. u r house is haunted.only dogs and cats sense paranormal activities.try hanging bells inside ur house!

Do not you think I said fairy tales by Walt Disney? Yes, the spirits are real entities, but you told fibs! O_O!-

If you were in a movie yes but YOUR NOT so it is impossible that your house is haunted.

Your animals have schizophrenia take them to the mental hospital for vets.

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