is this a sign my cat is in labor?

my cat has been leaking clear fluid for the past 2 days. i’m guessing this is a sign that she is pregnant and i was wondering if she is how long is it going to be till she has her kittens. i’m so excited and i just want to make sure this is normal and nothing is wrong with her. she doesn’t seem to be in pain or showing any other signs, just leaking.

If your sure that she is pregnant then this is her waters breaking and birth will be in the next 12-24 hours,

and a cats labour can last from 12 hours to 24-32 hours with a few hours birth between each kitten being born,

so she should be nest building by now and being extra affectionate and sleeping and resting more than usual,

and check her nipples to see if they are large and a dark pink colour as this is a big clue too,

and a day or two before birth cats will be licking themselves more than usual and licking her back end,you could also tell if she is in labour as she will become restless and pace about with each contraction,

and you will be able to see her tummy contract with each one,

some cats even throw up and have diarrhoea as when the womb contracts it puts pressure on the stomach and bowels and at this time some cats go off their food and only nibble at it,

so if you are sure that there is a possibility that she is pregnant these are the things to look out for.

normal pregnancy lasts an average of 58-65 days (9weeks) for cats. the average amount of kittens is between 4 and 5. you wont be able to tell if shes pregnant until about 2 weeks before she gives birth. Some signs are nesting, more affectionate, obviously the stomache gets bigger, and you will feel lumps in her belly. if she has all the other symptoms but the lumps in her belly, then she is probably going through a false pregnancy. so keep an eye out for that. As far as leaking goes…if its from her nipples, than thats normal and she is probably prego. but if its from the vaginal area, consult the vet. also, there is a website that might be able to help you.

I have two women who’ve each had a couple of litters and neither probably the most made a valid. What they did used to be disguise in distinctive locations within the condo wherein we could not discover them (below a cloth wardrobe or nightstand) and did not pop out. We could come to be asking every different wherein they have been lol. Another manner we knew they gave delivery, we heard the kittens crying and could not work out what the sounds have been. But be prepaired, in contrast to how i used to be while my women had their litters, they do drop a placenta and it’s beautiful gross. Don’t contact or transfer the kittens and do not regularly hold prying in. Oddly adequate, even cats want by myself time with their kittens and if afflicted adequate, will transfer the clutter to extraordinary position for your storage or house to hold them clear of the prying eyes of the general public. And finally, ENJOY! Kittens are cute!

it might be, but if she had any encounters of staying out for a while outside she could have mated. if she strts getting fatter, yes she is pregnant. another sign to tell she is if shes rubbing against like everything. go to a vet and they will tell you.

yeah if she isn’t meowing or trying to nest or find a place to have her babies then their probablyis something wrong. Cats don’t usualy “leak” untill right befor birth.

Take her to the vet.


ask a vet.

ok well. can’t you just spay it silly?

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