Muslims respect Jesus more than Christians?

Why is it that muslims in general respect Jesus more than christians?

With anyone objecting to the following I’ll show an example.
In the U.S you see gags of jesus in t.v shows and in the media generally in a funny way. T-shirts with funny jesus slogans and basically thinking hey jesus died for my sins, it’s okay if I make fun or make him funny
In the middle east, NO pictures of Jesus is allowed, they say peace be upon him when they talk about him, and never crack jokes. They take all the prophets seriously and don’t poke fun.

If christians believe so highly in Christ, why don’t they show it instead of always talking about him?

and please, stay relevant to this topic.
I don’t care about terrorism, crusades, wah stories of the religon.
I think we already heard enough, yes? 🙂

The reason some make fun of Jesus is that they don’t consider His life as relevant to today or to their own life. They look at Him like someone who got killed and didn’t stand up for Himself. They don’t understand what it truly cost Him to give His life so that others would have a better quality of life. They look at salvation as cheap, ’cause it didn’t cost them anything and all they have to do is accept it and go their merry way. They really don’t understand the cost. They haven’t studied the Bible, and think that the Christian life is just listening to sermons and listening to Christian rock bands. They have no idea that hundreds of Christians die for their faith every year, in countries all over the world. It’s just all funny to them. I don’t know what’s up with that. I guess if something doesn’t cost you anything, you tend to make it worthless in your life. There will come a day when their very freedom will be challenged. I can’t see them fighting very hard to keep it, as it didn’t cost them anything to get it in the first place. Those are probably the same people that don’t salute the flag, and make fun of vets in wheelchairs. Since it doesn’t affect them, it’s all fun & games. Really sad. <*)))><

It pains me to say this, but in many respects you are right.

I feel like the time is coming when many Christians will have to take a very vocal stand with the media about their disrespect for Jesus. It frustrates me so much when I see people accepting such slander. I understand that most of it is invented by an unbelieving mind, but in a capitalist and democratic society, Christians should be willing to take a stand about the marketing of the offensive materials. Believe what you want, sell what you want, say what you want. But If you do not want to hear it or see it, change the channel, walk away, write a letter, and do not buy the products until a change is made.

As for the language used, I am sure that God will hold us accountable for the ways in which we use His name, and the name of His Son. And I hope that as our society becomes more integrated with those of the Muslim faith, we can take a page from their own book about respect for both Prophets and God.

Muslims and Christians have two different views on Jesus. Muslims respect Jesus the same way they respect all their prophets; a Christian views Jesus differently though.

Remember though, what American media presents doesnt mean that we all follow it. Sure, American media is pretty crude, but it doesnt mean we all endorse it.

I will admit that there seems to be far more muslims who speak up against something that is blasphemous (Muhammad the Teddy Bear) than Christians (The Chocolate Jesus– although it was stood up against, many people were still “For” it). It becomes a matter of whether people “Fear” making fun of muslims or whether people in america are just more secular and open to poking fun at anything they feel fit (Freedom of Speech)

I see your point, it is an odd custom here in the US (I can’t speak for other Christian cultures) that we often use serious symbols humorously. In the US pretty much any symbol (religious, political or otherwise) is fair game when it comes to satire, parody or just plain humor. Humor, as you know, can play an important role in teaching or communicating with others. It allows us to discuss serious subjects without getting pendantic or ponderous or too condescending with one another. So humor is not always seen as disrespectful. And there is great respect for freedom of expression here in the US.

Although, as we say here, there is a time and a place for humor. It is not necessarily welcome in every situation. And in churches or during religious ceremonies it would be considered very disrespectful to make a Jesus or Moses joke or show a silly picture.

In addition, keep in mind that Western art has a very long tradition of human imagery in religious artworks. Images of Moses and Jesus can be completely respectful and respectable.

Islam does not have this tradition for human figures. Thus no pictures of religious figures are seen as respectful or respectable. Correct me if I am wrong but that is my understanding from my Art History classes.

I hope this won’t sound too offensive…here is where I am going to ‘stick my foot in my mouth’ as we say here in the US. But, to the US the Muslim religious seems a bit humorless and dour. While US Christianity values a personal relationship with Jesus and values freedom of personal expression; the mainstream Muslim tradition seems to values obedience to laws over all else. Obviously I am no expert in Islamic traditions.

In short, Islamic tradition frowns on representations of religious figures while Christian tradition find these representations rich subject for personal expression and communication. From the Western point of view, respect is not an issue.

I think you are off base with this question, I totally respect Jesus as my Lord and God and show it daily. The muslims just claim He was a prophet only. Every Christian that I’m in close contact with totally respects Jesus and shows it.

God Bless!

Well, Jesus (Pbuh) is our [Muslim’s] Prophet as well, so we do have a high respect for him. I would not say that we have a higher respect than Christians, because there are many Christians who do respect Jesus a great deal, as they should. Yes, there are many Muslims who do not makes jokes about Jesus, or have the t-shirts with the “jesus is my home-boy” slogan, but that does not directly measure respect. I think we all have respect for Jesus, but show it in different ways.

Edit: Goodness, what is with all of the negative remarks about Muslims and this question in general? We HAVE heard too much about the Muslim religion in a terribly negative way. For those of you who are judging…do you actually KNOW a Muslim, and I mean actually know? Not someone who you see on T.V. or hear about, but someone in your lives? I do not think a large percentage of you can actually say “yes” to that question. And if you do, do they know about your racist, negative remarks in terms of Muslims? I don’t think so! So, please, keep it all to yourself and just answer the question that is asked, not going on about what is happening in the world.

umm…those who mock Jesus are usually not Christian or secular, non-practicing christians.
Real Christians actually worship Jesus, while Muslims reduce him to a prophet.
And when do non religious people get off labeling people of faith? Just because one Christian wanna-be wears a “Jesus Rockstar” t-shirt doensnt mean that all christians disrespect Jesus.

I think ill put an Emphasis on *REAL* Christians.

I agree that the media etc.. are shamefully disrespectful towards Jesus, however I cannot agree that it is christians who are acting, writing, directing or enjoying any form of vile and offensive humour towards Jesus. Any true christian is sickened and appalled by their attempts to ridicule Jesus. A christian would never think mocking Jesus is acceptable. A christian is always respectful towards Jesus.

Maybe what you mean is there are many people who say that they are christians, who evidently are not really, as shown by their lack of respect for Jesus. I think I would agree with you on that issue.

I agree that there are many muslims who are very respectful towards Jesus.

I don’t believe in the beliefs of the Muslims, but I will say, myself as a US citizen, you make a highly valid point!!!!!

Christians and the US in general should show more respect to our savior Jesus.

The main problem is that the US is pushing God out and bringing in all that he finds detestable. We have sat back and let the politicians and non-believers push their ways on us. If the US is such a high percent of Christians, why is this happening? I love America, but see the sins in it as well.

I was actually shocked that when I clicked on this question, it hadn’t already been deleted. You have some serious audacity making comments like that!

Having said that, I will say: The Christians aren’t the ones putting Jesus jokes on TV and wearing the T-shirts. The difference between here and the middle east is that here, we have freedom of speech and of religion, making it OK for others to choose how they express themselves, including jokes and clothing. That has nothing to do with a difference in religion. It’s a difference in the level of freedom.

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