Muslims what solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict do you support?

2 State solution?
1 State solution?

Please be realistic

One state solution is no solution as Israel is freely killing Palestinians
at will. There must be two states with Palestinians given full control
over West Bank, Ghaza and Golan Heights, that is the land grabbed
in the illegal occupation of Palestine in 1967 be returned to Arabs. Since
Israel has failed to keep Masjide Aqsa open for Muslims for prayers and
has placed restrictions on the youth to pray there and has also been
digging below Masjide Aqsa to undermine it, Control over entire East
Jerusalem should be returned to Arabs.
This is the minimum framework under which a lasting peace can hold,
with the condition that Israel will not come back with more land grabbings.And when we are talking of two states, Israel will have no right to thrust government of its choice on Palestinian people and they will be entitled , like any democracy is , to elect government of their choice, even if it means rule of Hamas.

Muhammad Javed Iqbal

a million. The British Mandate for Palestine which inspired ecu Jews to repopulate areas of the Holy Land. 2. The Faisal-Weizman settlement wherein non-Palestinian Arabs codified an settlement to permit great scale Jewish immigration into Palestine. in short, foreigners making judgements with reference to the region. And all would have been acceptably non violent between the Jews and the Arabs because it were for hundreds of years, yet for…. 1948 – whilst the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine desperate to declare itself no longer merely a rustic, yet a “Jewish State”. Ben Gurion’s statement of statehood is what incredibly touched off the powder keg. Ostensibly the conflict is over land however the mutual hatred is so entrenched that notwithstanding if the land subject concerns have been resolved it would take generations for those communities to get alongside.

A single state could be the best solution but Palestine leaders simple don’t want Israel to exsist so it wouldn’t be accepted.
A Palestinian state would involve Palestinian leaders fighting among themselves and against Israel.
There can be no solution in the near future.

One state Solution, Returning Palastine .

I support Israel owning up to their war-crimes, and them leaving Palestine. Israel never had any rights to the West Bank or Gaza, and they know it. Both sides have done horrible things, but the Palestinians should not be the only ones punished. If Israel wants to exist, then it needs to quit lying and killing. The only way for that to happen is if they get out of Arab lands.

2 state in short term, 1 state in long term.

I want Jews to give back Palestinians their land and stop treating that like dogs

how about back like it was in 1966….one state….only if we can take it back to those days exactly to the point where jews were still on boats and came ashore to Palestine…and someone told them the real jews can stay but Zionist would be directed to Florida….and we lived happily ever after. lol

Prophet Isa (as) and Imam Almahdi (ra) ONLY

1 state
i wouldn’t care what it would be named Israel, Palestine, or even a new name
and it should have a combined flag with Arab stuff and Jew stuff

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