my parents are acting really strict with me what should i do?

i am the oldest daughter and i act like the mother. i do the cooking, laundry, and almost everything what a mother does and i never get time for my self. what should i do. pleaz help me. thanq

For heavens sake, stop doing it!! I did those same things when I was young and now I really hate that I don’t have any fun anymore. I’m 33 years old and I have to MAKE myself have fun. Enjoy being a child, enjoy your youth and please let the adults do what adults do. Right now, it’s not your responsibility to act like a mother. When you become one, then you can bring all that back.

Sit down with your parents and talk to them, let them know you need time for yourself, you will share the responsibility equally with them and the other brothers and sisters and you will play a roll in teaching(training) them in doing certain things, according to their age, but they must corporate.

You sound young, this is the time for you to study hard, play some, be friends and build a carrier, help out some (as much as you can). Youth come only once in the life time make the most of it.

Time will tell, do not rush in to some thing that you will regret rest of your life. Do not have confrontation at wrong time, find every one in the good mood then plead your case like good lawyer before your family.

Sweetness is the key. Try it use words like please, appreciate your help………………… Secretly practise on younger kins pretend that you are in a play then when least expected hit them with the request to free you up some and reassigned some tasks to other members of the family. Share and share alike per age and capacity.

hey momo. I am also the cleaner of my house. And I am just 13. I dont know what your age is but I been cleaning and fixing stuff since I was little. I just can’t stand the look of clutter. I know that you dont have any time for yourself because I dont either. I come home and clean straight. If your parents are mean and strict to you then you should talk to them about the things they do but don’ sound defensive cause then they will start again. You should also read the book, ” The Secret” It will change the way of your life. It helped me and if you believe, you can do anything, even make your mom clean the toilet!?!!!!

I felt the same way when I was still living at home. But now I realize that I did’nt really do all that much and I should have done alot more for my mother. If they are really strict on you maybe its because they don’t want you to make bad choices. What until you get older you understand your parents better then. Good luck.

well, how old are you? i had a lot of ‘grown up’ responsibility when i was 13, but is still had ’13 year old’ rules to follow.. now if you are 19 and being treated this way id say its time you spoke to your parents about some of your wishes.. one thing i have learned is to always approach your parents in a respectful manner.. and basically keep the whole “im trying to get something out of them” attitude. when ever i wanted something from my parents, i would tell them examples of how ‘giving me what i want’ would benefit them as well (not bribing them), such as

“and just think, while im out at that party this saturday night, you two will have the whole house to yourselves to enjoy some peace and quiet”

as opposed to “if you let me go out, ill do an extra chore”
that sounds like a bribe..

its all in the presentation..

good luck

well, you should still do your chores around the house but then go and have a talk with your parents. tell them you need to discuss this and just talk. dont cry, dont whine. just talk and they will understand you. Even the most strict person has a heart and you need to let them know that you need some spare time.

thats good…. you are responsible for everything in your home… it means you are next to your parents at your home…. great… It shows that you were considered so important that you are taking care of everything.. it is your home and you have to take care of it and your parents cannot put their whole trust on anybody else other than you. It is quite natural that in every home the responsibility falls on the eldest one.. so there is nothing to do with it. SO feel happy about this and do it with pleasure.

Put your foot down and tell the other family members that you need to have time for yourself. Everyone has to pitch in to help you with the chores. If you don’t speak up, they will continue to take advantage of you.

What does Mom do? My daughter is sixeen and has household responsibilities. As long as Mom is doing her share nothing is wrong with it. Although I would talk to Mom mabe she will give you a free day for yourself.

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