Poll/Survey: Should I play guitar left handed or right handed?

I write, eat, and do other things with my left hand. I do some things right handed like playing handball and such. I learned to play guitar right handed and didn’t learn that much yet. Just a couple of scales and some chords. Should I switch to my left hand and learn from scratch? Maybe my left hand is more effective. Advice? Suggestions? I need to know because I’m getting a new guitar soon and I want to know if I should by a left handed or right handed one. Also, hafe a safe and blessed Halloween!

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Happy Halloween to you too.

I’ve seen left-handed guitar players who play right handed (my wonderful classical teacher included).

You could play left handed. It worked for Jimi Hendrix!!!

A little bit of trivia, btw: Jimi Hendrix was RIGHT-HANDED in real life but left handed on the guitar! He just strung his guitar left handed and played it that way. (His real birth name was Johnny Allen Hendrix but it was changed by his father)

They DO make left-handed guitars, but Hendrix just strung it upside down and I have no idea why.

What kind of guitar are you getting?

One thing to remember is that your picking hand doesn’t do as much work as your fretting hand.

Why don’t you shop around for guitars and try out a variety with BOTH hands? Do you have a teacher? Have you talked to him?

One thing that I’ve learned as a guitar player is that you’re walking a fine line: Eventually you’ll master the basics, develop your own technique and style, but yet you must have influences. You have to walk the line between being a complete clone of someone and attempting to reeinvent the wheel. You’re just starting out so you have yet to make that mistake but that is a pitfall I fell into as a baby guitar player. I have played the guitar over half my life and there’s so much I wish that someone had told me. I love to teach guitar and share my experiences with others.

I’m naturally right handed but became ambidextrous over time, due in part to the fact that I can’t put the guitar down. LOL. I’ve noticed that my right hand (I play right handed) does less work and my left hand (on the frets) gets more use. Something to consider.

However, the best thing to do is to try the guitars out with both hands.

I hope I’ve helped you.

Happy Halloween to you too!!!!

For the most part your strong hand should be picking the guitar no doubt. Your picking hand controls all kinds of sounds like open to muted or screaming lead work as well as how clean and tight the riff will sound in general. I would not say it is easier to pick a guitar at all. Both are difficult done right and experienced players are very skilled clean and tight pickers for sure. I think you should go with a lefty guitar if you are a lefty. This means picking with your left hand. I am right handed and pick with my right hand naturally. But my brother is a lefty and plays right hand picking only because he did not know there was a choice when we were kids so he just learned right handed not knowing any better. hope ths helps, peace

Poll/Survey: Try playing the guitar right handed
because you have more control with your fingers if you play right handed. If that does not work, you can switch to a left handed guitar which there are some available, and go from there. The left handed guitars are arranged differently!
Go to any musical instrument store and ask them about the different guitars that they may have.


Well you can’t just decide which you should play with. You have to get a guitar on your lap, and try strumming and playing chords on either hand. Then you have to compare which hand(left or right) you’re comfortable with playing chords with, and strumming with. I’m a right hand guitarist, and i tried playing with my left hand, even though i’m not left handed, and i didn’t feel comfortable. I couldn’t place my fingers on the right fret and string for the chords, and i couldn’t strum right. It’s all on figuring it out yourself by testing it out. Like i said before, which ever hand you feel that you can play with, then you can play with that hand

The only thing I can say is that in my case I am right handed in almost everything except when I swing a chopping ax or sledge hammer or any other tool that requires both hands. Probably you should do some experimenting to see which seems best for you.

ok. if you write with your left hand, i suggest you play with your left hand. Even if you start from scratch, you might just end up learning faster than right hand. Good luck with playing guitar. nice choice of instrument

When I took lessons, my guitar teacher told me that as long as I didn’t previously learn a string instrument with my left hand, learning right-handed would be just as easy.

I’d go with whatever hand you write with… which is left. Switch to left-handed (unless you’ve already forked out for a right handed guitar… do they have left/right handed guitars? I think they do…)

You should play it with your left hand.

if you cann buy a left handed guitar use it, but if u can play with your right hand andyou don’t want to buy another guitar.

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