RHH: have you ever met a rapper?

I havent personaly met any one, I have got a handshake from Meth, and hugs from GZA and Streetlife….but thats it

BQ: Do you prefer Redmans more gangsta morke or his comical stuff?
BQ2: Buy/Sell: Red is uderrated as a producer he did a lot of production on his 1st few albums
BQ3: What are you listening to/

the only person ive ever met was rkelly
i was at the movies and i was like yo whats up rkelly and hes like what you seein
i watched a movie with him, his bodyguards some prostitute looking lady and my brother and partied afterwards for almost two days

i forgot to get dudes number…i kinda regret that
my life woulda been fulla drugs and money if igot his number

No, but dam a handshake from Meth would be good enough for me. What else can you ask for, a kiss?

BQ: It doesn’t matter, he actually does a combination of bought, putting him on a different league. I don’t know that many rappers or any that could keep it comical and hardcore at the same time.
BQ2: Buy. He did a great job actually, he said that Erick Sermon just left him in the studio to figure things out for himself, kinda harsh if you ask me…
BQ3: Nothing, but I’m about to take a dump actually. *takes off running*

Nah. Closest thing was seeing Karrine Steffans in a Quiznos. She had a big azz. My sister saw Andre 3000 and The Game though in a Robek’s she works at. Got The Game to sign a Vibe magazine.

“and hugs from GZA and Streetlife….but thats it” was kinda LULZ though XD

BQ: Comical.
BQ3: Warwick Avenue – Duffy

Got dap from wale and redman at concerts.
Redmans comical stuff.
I guess if he did produce those albums and I didn’t even know it then underrated
Listening to Freddie Gibbs, big krit, chinx drugz and french Montana, wale, jay rock and chip tha ripper

I’ve met Foxy Brown inside a Brooklyn upscale nail/hair salon when I was in 9th grade.

BQ: I’ve never listened to any of them.
BQ3: Not listening to anything at this moment.

I met Method Man when I used to work in the Staten Island mall, I met and got a hug from Diddy in Manhattan, and I met Kanye West while I was leaving and he was entering a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan.

I think I have met a couple, but I’m not impressed and star struck so I don’t be remembering. Honestly

That sounds kinda gay, why you huggin a niqqa you jus met? Lol

Bq: comical

Bq2: dont kno

Bq3: Amerikkas Most Wanted

ive just said what up to brother ali and mr lif & gave daps to gza and dj scratch

more than i can count.

BQ: His gangsta is a bit comedic….so i will just say comical….

BQ2: Nobody brings it up…so i think this is logical.

BQ3: Saigon – War (Remix)

No, you lucky sob, jk

BQ: His natural topic is comical stuff.
BQ2: buy
BQ3: Jay-Z-U Don’t Know

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