Should true Iranians and Israelis unite?

I stumbled on this article excerpt a while back by Larry Klayman.I believe the article is a lot longer, but here is an excerpt, I think he makes a very valid point:

Iranians, Jews, and Christians Must Unite!
By Larry Klayman

The Iranian and Jewish experiences are not dissimilar. Both peoples have had their homelands seized or occupied by blood thirstyп»ї invaders, and both peoples have spent many years living in exile around the world. Before the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, Jews had no real centralized homeland or refuge in the event of another Holocaust, only their adopted countries in the United States, Europe, South America and elsewhere. Iranians, who like to call themselves Persians given the stigma associated with the current radical Islamic regime, do not have the luxury of a real homeland, asп»ї it is currently occupied and ruled by radical mullahs bent on the genocide of not only Jews and Christians, but any Iranian who dares to question their authority to impose Shariah law and further a Muslim revolution in the name of Allah.

Thus, the Jewish and Iranian diasporas are not that dissimilar. Ironically, there is much overlap, as Persian Jews, for instance, account for a large portion of Iranians living in the United States in particular. Just one example — they comprise much of the huge Iranian population in the Los Angeles area, which totals over 1 million inhabitants.The fate of the Iranian and Jewish people are closely tied, particularly at present. Israel is now on the verge of being totally surrounded by radical Arab states, which are the surrogates of the neo-Nazi Islamic regime in Tehran. And, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, which it has pledged to use to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth.

Were the Islamic regime in Iran to fall and become non-radicalized and secular, the head of the snake of terrorist interests in the Middle East would be decapitated, cutting off support and funding to such groups as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Hamas. But rather than pursuing this crucial objective, the American and European governments have elected instead to pick the low-hanging fruit and attempt, albeit belatedly and incompetently, to remove less formidable dictators in Iraq and Libya, for instance. The real meat and potatoes to Middle East stability and world peace — Iran — has been sidestepped by Obama and the European Union in a cowardly manner, for whatever dishonest or nefarious reasons.

Conservative Jews and evangelical Christians have been on the front lines in supporting Israel and the Iranian freedom movement — although their support these days could be much stronger. But with few exceptions, the Persians living in the United States, particularly in the Los Angeles area, are more concerned with being part of the chic new generation culture than supporting their brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom in their eventual homeland, and risking their fortunes, lives and sacred honor. Indeed, to most Persians living abroad and in the United States these days, the model of the car they drive, their fashionable clothing or their new cosmetic surgery is more important to them than freedom in Iran. While active on Facebook, it has become more of a dating service or therapeutic gossip rag than a real means to effect liberty for their people.

And the leftist liberal Jews in the United States andп»ї elsewhere are hardly different. They continue to disparage and castigate Israel, and many even support radical Palestinians and others bent on the destruction of the Jewish state. They do this in the name of political correctness. In effect, there are large elements of both the Iranian and Jewish diasporas who are self-hating or indifferent to the plight of their own people. The enemy is thus not only radical Muslims bent on the destruction of the Jews, secular Iranians and Christians: the enemy is also from within. Concerned Jews, Iranians and Christians must now redouble their efforts and unite, before all is lost!

I agree largely with this, and I do think that an Iranian-Jewish alliance would be good.

It does seem that the majority of Iranians, in Iran or otherwise, would never want to live under such an oppressive regime that is modern day Iran. I personally know Iranian Jews, and I have yet to meet one that supports Achmadinejad (excluding one here, who claims to be an Iranian Jew, but that’s not exactly meeting him). Considering that most Jews of Iranian descent live outside of Iran, particularly in the US and in Israel, both have larger populations of Iranian Jews than Iran itself by far, I would think that they would have no problem getting Jewish support against Iran. It helps that Achmadinejad has denied the Holocaust and bashed Israel, and between the two (especially that first one), he has 0 love amongst non-resident Jews, Iranian or otherwise. Amongst those in Iran, I would think it would be hard to make an estimate, since speaking out against them could earn one the denouncement as a Zionist, true or not, and what happens to Zionists there isn’t good. Never mind that they might not even receive a trial.

As for normal Iranians, the ones in the states would say “Hell Yes” to this. I know as many non-Jewish Iranians as I do Iranian Jews, and they all have a shared hate for what is now their heritage and their homeland. Of course, I also agree that, they are largely removed, many obsessed with being American, but they still dislike modern Iran with a passion.

I think that, yes, there should be a coalition of Jews and other Iranians against Iran, or the regime that rules it.

the palestinan people also had their homelands seized or occupied by blood thirstyп»ї “invaders,”

This is a clear attempt to spread more racism and sectarianism between people.
all humans regardless of their religion or race should unite, focusing on specific sects or races is horrible and should be banned.

Stop begging for friends, when will you understand that you’re standing by your own?

In your dreams.




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