V6 crate engine for 1965 Mustang?

My parents gave me a 1965 Mustang (which is mostly original) for my graduation that I wanted to fix up. I was hoping that my dad would get the car in running condition and then I could fix it up more as time passed, but the car has been sitting at the side of the house, in non-working condition, for about 2.5 years so I guess i’m on my own. I’ve been looking for a crate engine but I can’t seem to find one that I want because most of them are V8. I don’t know a lot about engines but I want one like the one in the 2005 Mustang with about 200 hp that doesn’t waste a lot of gas. Also, it would be good if I could just drop it into the car without having to do anything to it. Does anybody know where i can buy an engine like this for my 1965 Mustang?

First off, unless the car has fuel leak, it’s not “wasting” gas. Secondly, you’ll have much more success with the typical 5.0L V8/T-5 swap. It’s cheap, and easy to do. a mild 302 with a T-5 will yield decent fuel mileage. Forget about the 4.0 SOHC swap idea, it would be extraordinarily expensive and you would have all kinds of ECU issues to address. There’s a reason nobody does that swap. The 302 will basically drop right in. The T-5 manual or AOD automatic will be stout enough to handle a mild 302 without issue and will be the most cost effective solution.

Not really going to work without a lot of fab work. Your V6 in fuel injected, where is this on you car? You need to look at these 2 publications. And then go from there. Here are the links.


For what it would cost you to do that…
You might as well just get rid of it and buy a newer Mustang.

Your going to spend upwards of 10 grand to put a garbage motor in that car.

Never really thought about this

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