was Russia allied with Britain and France during ww2?

I read that Russia was part of the allies but confuses me is that Russia was enemies with USA which was also part of the allies.

America`s losses WW2
Missing and Dead 292, 000 – mobilized – 16,400,000
These are the figures for all theatres of war in WW2

Facing the Allies on ” D – Day – 30 German Divisions
Facing the Red Army on the Eastern front – 165 German Divisions
Soviet Union losses – Missing and Dead 8,700,000 – Civilian 16,900,000 – mobilized 20,000,000
Britain Missing and Dead 250,000 – Civilian 65,000 Mobilized – 4,700,000
German Missing and Dead – 3,250,00 – Civilian 2,000,000 – mobilized – 10,800,000 .
I apologize , as this does not answer you question , but I just wished to correct some erroneous figures concerning casualties .

The USA and the Soviet Union only became “enemies” after WWII.

When Hitler invaded Poland the Allies (then basically) Britain (and the Commonwealth) and France declared war. Neither the US or the Soviet Union were part of the war at this point.

Just before WWII Hitler and Stalin signed a non aggression pact – ie that they would not invade each other. This left Hitler open to invade Poland. Hitler was always worried about fighting a war on 2 fronts – which is what would have happened if the Soviet Union had come in with the Allies at the beginning of the war. Russia had fought on the side of the Allies (which ultimately included the USA) in WWI so it was a real possibility for Hitler.

After WWI the US had adopted an isolationist stance in foreign policy and it remained neutral

In June 1941 the Germans invaded the Soviet Union breaching the pact. At this point the Soviet Union joined the Allies again.

In Dec 1941 – the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. This brought the Americans into the war on the side of the Allies.

The major allied countries were England, France, Russia, and the U.S. during WW2. Following the war Russia (became the Soviet Union) and was one of the two superpowers, the other being the U.S.and this was the basis for what was known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1991. The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism into other nations and the US. opposed that. The two superpowers engaged in an arms (thermonuclear) race, which finally proved too costly for the Soviets to maintain. Before WW2 our Lend Lease program included Great Britain and Russia.

No. Russia was on the side of Germany until June 1941 when Germany attacked Russia unexpectedly. At that point there was no formal alliance, they were just fighting a common enemy. Six months later America came into the war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. America declared war on Japan and a couple of days later Germany (an ally of Japan) declared war on America.

Although Russia was part of the group known as the Allies, she fought a solo war only accepting gifts of aircraft, military vehicles and munitions from the rest of the Allies via convoys from Britain to Murmansk.

The rest of the allies fought as a cohesive unit in Europe, North Africa and Asia. Russia and America were never declared enemies, they were just on opposite sides in the Cold War through mutual dislike and distrust.

The Soviet Union was allied with Britain and France through default, after Germany launched their attack on the Soviet Union the Soviet leadership accepted offers of alliance. However they had been enemies in the recent past – following the First World War the western allies (including USA) had attacked and landed on Russian territory in a vain attempt to support the White Russians in the final throes of the Russian Revolution – they remained ideologically opposed and never fully trusted each other.

And, to avoid it being forgotten, the Soviet Union not only had a non-aggression pact with Germany they also invaded Poland from the east shortly after Germany had invaded from the west.

At the start of WW2, the germans and Russians were allies. They ionvaded poland and finland etc. Anyway I dont think Russai was really bothered about world domination so they were happy with that. So Hitler took europe and africa, but he enver trusted Stalin or communism. He thought that stalin would attack germany eventually so he decided to attack them first. So he invaded Russia and russia was not organised or expecting at all. So intially they got over run by german forces. However the bitter cold of the winter the germans had not prepared for. And the fact they they basically disturbed the mother of all ant nests with hundreds of thousands of soviet troops pushing them back in Stalin which eventually led to the german defeat in Stalingrad and the beginnging of the end for Nazi germany.
Anyway in terms of alliances, before the war staretd. England had a pact with poland that if they ever got attacked england would defend the,m. However poland got over run in the blitzkrieg and no one in europe could or was able to come help. Chruchill hated communism and saw it as bad as the nazi idelogoy. So he never liekd Russia. But when germany attacked russia churchill basically said the enemy of our enemy is our friend and chose communism over helping the nazis. England sent many ship convoys, carrying thousands of planes and tanks and aid to the Russians through terrible conditions. England made a massive effort to support the russians and no doubt it aided the defence of Stalingrad.

Yes – Russia won the war for us really. The US lost up to 400,000 guys in the war – Russia (fighting the Nazis) might have lost between 20 and 40 million souls…. So the real business of busting up the Nazis happened on the eastern front where the Russians killed the most number of Nazis killed during the war.

That left us plenty to kill in Europe after we landed in 1944…. but by that time, the Nazis were pretty much finished.

Russia became enemies after the war.

Yes. Russia won the war.

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