What do I buy my dad for his Birthday?????

Hi every1 !!!! Pls. help me wid this!! My Dad is a Businessperson and a Politician and remains extremely busy! His birthday is coming soon so I want 2 buy him a nice present which would help him during work. It should be classy and stylish yet very useful!!!!


Buy him a Montblanc ink pen with a dedication engraved on it to remember you any time he signs his documents.

Think about his interests. Does he use/have a computer? Does he have a digital camera. A nice new modern watch, does he read books. Peter Kay’s latest is supposed to be really good and a funny read. Does he play tennis or golf or any other sport. Cinema ticket vouchers or theatre tickets. The ideas can be endless.

A new breifcase if you can afford that depends how much spends you have.
A nice classy pen set.

A new tie

Driving shoes or jacket

New photo frame with you in it for desk.

If he is so busy buy him give him a picture of the family so he can remember you all

All depends on what type of person your father is, if he is a busy man buy him something to carry wtih him, if he is a very laid back man buy him something to look at.

Since he is a politician maybe you could buy him some votes.

does he listen to music. an mp3 player with all his favorites loaded on it would be a nice gift.

framed foto of you and the family, for when he cant be with you, he can see you and remember how lucky he is

buy him a new business suit??

i would get him a day to himself!

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