What is going on with these type of guys?

I’m married to my husband for almost 8 years. I just started attending graduate classes at a near by University. I met this young men, who’s probably about 1-2 years younger than I. He’s seem to be infatuated with me, even after I ignored him and told him I’m married. He waited outside my class tonight, I was so scared that I told my female classmate to walk with me to the garage where I parked my car. This is only the second time I seen him, the first time he tried to flirt, and followed me up to my classroom on the third floor, he said his class was on the second. I’m very weary of him, what should I do?

Wow that’s kinda freaky! Yeah I would make sure you always go out with some friends in your class to the parking area or at lest where there are other people around. He thinks you are beautiful, very pretty, and it infatuated with you. He maybe harmless just trying to get you to notice him and hope that you like him. Hey just because you are married dose not mean guys won’t try to pick you up, it just means they shouldn’t. He may and hopefully will move on in a little while to someone else. I know this sounds bad but even though you told him you were married may not mean a whole lot. I mean some guys like that, they think (gee, I can get to know her some and maybe we can have sex, but nothing serious because she is married) Yeah I know it’s pretty twisted, but there are some married women that actually do that. In a way you should feel some what flattered that he finds you so amazingly beautiful. On the other hand don’t trust him much, if any. Always make sure you wear your wedding ring and if you do talk to him always find a way to bring up your husband in the conversation, maybe he will take the hint that you are married. If you and your husband are ever fighting or anything never let him know always make him sound like a great and loving husband. Just be careful and he should find something else to catch his eye in a few days/weeks. Until then I don’t think there is much you can do. If he ever follows you or tries anything then call or talk to your professor and see what can be done about it. I am sorry, I guess it’s just a curse to be such a very pretty woman. =)

You said: “I was actually told by my husband, and on Yahoo, that guys always have an intention when he makes friend with a woman.”
I completely disagree with that. Not every man who smiles at a woman/speaks kindly to her wants to ‘have’ her.

You said you’ve seen him *only* twice. The first time he tried to flirt with you–it’s not illegal to flirt, and some people are just naturally flirty with everyone…it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. And the second time you saw him waiting outside your class, but you have no way of knowing he was waiting for *you* (it sounds like you just saw him and didn’t speak to him). To me, these two incidents would not necessarily equal him being ‘infatuated’. You may be reading way too much into this. Then again, maybe not. But, you really need to learn how to handle these types of situations.

If you seeing him waiting outside the classroom again, ask him if he’s waiting for someone. If he says he’s waiting for you, tell him that you’re happily married and not interested in pursing a friendship with him. Don’t be timid–make it clear. THEN if he ‘shows up’ again, report him.

Well you told him that was married and u told some classmate females so u must tell your husband. If u don’t tell your husband about it the guy will keep on following u so u tell your husband. If tell a teacher what’s going on with this guy.

This is one of those situations where you can’t be too careful. If he continues to folllow you around then you need to report the incident to the proper authorities of your University. If at the present moment you don’t feel that to be appropriate, try to avoid him and continue to walk with your classmates. I will keep you in my prayers. Peace and God bless.

You said: “I was actually told by my husband, and on Yahoo, that guys always have an intention when he makes friend with a woman.”
I completely disagree with that. Not every man who smiles at a woman/speaks kindly to her wants to ‘have’ her…..
There are Gay guys…..

But the rest of us want one thing….We cant help it .

But the guy most likely isn’t dangerous….Besides you are HOT so you must be used to this sort of thing…. If you are worried why not buy some pepper spray or if your state allows it a 80,000 volt taser usually can be bought off of EBay for around twenty bucks….Better safe than not…

Let the class instructor know. They can have campus security in the area when you leave. It is better to be safe than sorry.

You can report him to the school security.

If you have told him to leave you alone and he comes up to you again you can report him to the police for harassment.

try and walk around with someone as much as you can. it could be just doesn’t give up, but you told him your married. just ignore him when you see him. if he tries to talk tell him your busy and move on.he does sound strange though.

He’s acting very strange. You were smart to have another classmate walk with you. I know you don’t want to , but perhaps you should report him. What does your hubby think?

If you have been with your hubby for 8 years then maybe you have a friend. Girls can have guy friends.

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