Why do all athiest celebrate Christmas? ?

This is special time. Why athiest celebrate this?

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Some do so because they aren’t out as atheists. Some do so in order not to rock the boat among religious family members. Some do so because they always have and don’t want to change or simply enjoy the holiday. Others argue that it should be replaced by a more rational holiday, and still others argue that all such holidays should be ignored Traditionally, Christmas has basically been a Christian holiday. It is, after all, Christ’s Mass where the Nativity of Jesus is celebrated. Many atheists don’t believe that Jesus existed, and those who do don’t regard him as having been anyone special. No atheists are Christians, so why bother participating in such a Christian holiday? It’s arguable that participating makes Christianity seem more popular than it really is, not to mention giving Christians an unjustified ego boost.

I hate to tell you but you are ignorant. First off anybody can celebrate any holiday for any reason. Have you not though about why religious people celebrate what modern society has turned Halloween into or even why “Christians” celebrate Christmas the way that we do. Second off Catholics and Christians are the same thing, protestants (Baptist, Methodist and so on) just branched off from Catholics. So stop being a bigot because people like you really get on my nerves. I wish people like you would do some research before judging other, because once you do that you will find that what others are doing is nothing compared to the flaws of your own religion. “So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another.” (Romans 14:1-13) Matthew 7:5 is also one you might want to read.

That is a good question, I think that they don’t worship that day as Christ birthday, I think that they celebrate it as a day to give gifts and be with family. I am a Christan so I look at Christmas as a day to celebrate and give thanks that Christ was born. Also you could ask the same question to Jehovah Witnesses, they choose not to celebrate Christmas and it seem wrong that if they believe the Lord wouldn’t they want to celebrate his birth? I have a huge problem with Jehovah Witnesses, they say one thing and then do another. At least Atheist do as the preach. I have no problem with any religion do not get me wrong however I can not stand JW’S.
God Bless, and Happy Holiday’s to everyone!

All atheists? Not all celebrate it, that’s a silly statement that can’t be taken seriously. And can you really deny that Christmas has become a commercial holiday? Why do Christians allow Santa in to Christmas? I celebrate Christmas as Santa’s birthday! Poor guy has to give out presents on his own birthday.. but what can you do! Christmas is about good will, being with family, having fun, and Santa! It has no religious tones at all in my house, just snowmen, elves, reindeer and family.

because it’s been changed to a “santa” celebration – the real reason most people celebrate is lost in this modern world. funny but it’s like the pagan side of the holiday is coming more forward – like people have an “excuse” not to “be good. funny but there are those that condemn the whole “Christianity (or the Catholics) changing of the pagan rituals” and yet they are the first to praise Obama and sing the “change” song. double standards

Not all atheists do but the real question is why do u celebrate christmas? Its not christian, this holiday is based of pagan traditions. we atheist can celebrate this paga traditions without having any religion.

for example:
So our Christmas tree — and our yule log — have tremendous meaning, but not a Christian meaning. The yule log is the dead Nimrod, human ruler of ancient Babylon, who was eventually deified as the sun incarnate, and hence a god. The Christmas tree is mystical Tammuz, the slain god come to life again.

Not ALL do. I don’t. I do have a family gathering, usually on Christmas Eve or whenever schedules permit. Gifts are exchanged, just as they were in historical times when it was still a pagan holiday.

I’m usually the first to volunteer to work so Christians can celebrate.

Although Christmas is a religious holiday, and a time to celebrate Christ, it is also a time that is reserved for families and the people that are important to us. Christmas does not only symbolize the birth of Christ, but also the importance for families to be together.

When atheists celebrate Christmas, they are celebrating their families and friends. They are definitely not celebrating the religion from which Christmas is derived from.

Tradition mostly, we don’t celebrate it for the same reasons as Christians. I celebrate my birthday first in the morning and then we do Christmas. I do my birthday first because I was actually born on that day.

Sorry – ‘christmas’ was being celebrated as a pagan winter holiday for a long time before christians came along.

Even atheists like getting gifts!!

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