Will the phony polls showing an obama double digit lead cause voter suppression?


NO! I think people who are Conservative would wait days in line to vote for MCCAIN! Passionate! WE WANT TO PROTECT THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN!

I hope it spurs Republicans to go vote and for Democrats to say ‘Why should I go vote. Obama has got a double digit lead. My one vote won’t be missed.’

One thing’s is for certain if McCain loses Republicans won’t whine about Democrats cheating for the next four years. They will start Nov 5 searching for a candidate with a better chance to win.

Nope Voting McCain and will Dance in the Isles when he wins Democrats are invited to do so also lets work together to celebrate McCain’s underdog victory and then in Four years tell Obama when he runs again we don’t need you McCain and Palin have already fixed the problem.

Nope we don’t want to just beat McCain we want to punish the Republicans for the last 8 years. For the first time in my life I voted Republican in the primary’s and straight Democrat in the General.

Republican for Obama.

i wouldnt worry so much about national polls. Its how many states (and which states) he has a solid lead in that will hand him the victory.. so far 304 electorial votes and he only needs 270

I think this whole election is phony and whoever wins it will still be a very hard economy and the wars will continue..so good luck

You and your conspiracy theories crack me up.

What are you going to do after Obama wins? Claim ACORN and Mickey Mouse stole the election?

I don’t think so, and the reason why is because the news has been talking so much about it that I would think that most people will be aware of it.

I would hope it would energize the older Americans they have the power to change the out come and most oppose socialism…

Nah. What you gonna do when Senator Obama knocks McCain’s sox off?

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