Are senior citizen men turned off by an assertive woman, or would they welcome advances?

men usually have no problem with a out going lady.time is not limitless at our age be bold speak up men need to be flatterd once in a while just like the ladys.

In Canada the Canadian Association of Retired Persons issues you a card for a fee at 50. Government wise a senior can be 62 and collecting either a part of his CPP contributions or his workplace pension. However for full governemnt old age security it’s 65. However some of the stores give discounts to those who are 55 plus.

I got divorced when I was 40 and he was my 1st. Once I was divorced I wanted to have some fun. Friends set me up, I went to places to meet men and decided if I wanted something bad enough I was going to have to make it happen. The 1st man I asked out had been introduced to me at a party and I casually asked him if he was interested in getting a cup of coffee. He accepted and we had a good time. Later he told me he was thrilled that I had asked him out. Another time I was interested in a man and I made it known to him that I’d like to get to know him better. I got pretty much ignored. It hurt but I got over it. I’m with you. If a guy doesn’t want a woman who is is assertive, we probably don’t have much in common anyway.

I used to teach assertiveness when I was working in social work. Men who don’t like it, don’t like it because they are either passive or aggressive. Assertiveness teaches a ‘middle ground’ between the two and honestly, it’s more mature and brings their life into a more manageable balance.

So, in a nutshell, if my life is in balance, I’m sure I would appreciate a woman who’s life was also in balance.

Don’t know about other men, but I love assertive women. In fact, there ought to be a law to protect men like me from assertive women, because all they have to do is send me a cute postcard or invite me to go for a walk or touch my hand and I am hypnotized. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

I know you are looking for answers from men on this question but I will give you my husbands point of view on this subject.
I know him well and do believe he would be put off by a “bossy”women.He was born and raised in eastern Europe so it is probably a cultural thing.He likes to be in control of most situations including dating or deciding where to go.
He was raised in a system( communist) where women were totally equal to men in work and schooling so maybe in his love life he wants to feel like a man and be the ‘boss.”

No,assertive woman turn me on,they make great lovers,mothers and faithful companions,40 years ago we parked down by the river and I wanted to make a move but was to slow,so she grabbed me and said,for gods sake let’s get it on,we never looked back.

Women are not assertive enough. I have been asking them out in typical dating fashion my entire life. I’m now waiting for one to ask me out. Funny how women are dragging their feet on this issue while they experience the greatest degree of gender equality.
Do they fear being rejected? Is mankind better served w/ men experiencing the rejection or are we men physiologically better designed to accept it?
If men and women were equally inclined to initiate the first date that would double one’s chances of company on a Saturday night.

I can go either way, if you own a boat and like to fish you can be assertive on me any time

I would think that senior men would welcome the ‘advance’, especially from a gracious lady such as yourself. As with any type of person there may be the occasional one who is offended, but would you want him anyway? If it’s encouragment from well intentioned e-pals you want, I think you have it!

Suzie – lol 🙂 !!

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