Are you depriving your child to not mention Santa?

Every time I tell someone that I plan to raise my future children without the idea of Santa Claus (much less that he is real) they respond saying it’s horrible to do that. That the kids deserve Santa just as much as other kids or else I’d be depriving them of childhood.

How can I deprive kids of an IMAGINARY being? Sure there’s the magic and imagination of childhood, but I don’t have to enforce Santa on them to do that. I’d rather they use their own imaginations with toys and story telling, than me telling a lie.

Why can’t they see that?

You are not depriving your child or anyone else’s of anything by not LYING to them about Santa Claus. I can’t even imagine what kind of person is so low-class and stupid to think that somehow children are too brain dead to be able to imagine unless parents jump-start the process with the first big lie, Santa Claus. Sheesh, is it any wonder so many insist we all pretend to believe what our president tells us, no matter how much evidence continues to be produced revealing him for a complete liar?

I congratulate you on your commitment to honesty. Your children will grow up much more intelligent and in touch with reality than all the idiot believers of the world.

I was raised with the idea of Santa, and I honestly wasn’t affected at all when the curtain came down. It’s not that big a deal either way. As I see it (and no offense intended here), those who try to take some sort of firm moral stance against Santa Claus are on the same shaky footing as those with similar moral opposition to their children trick-or-treating on Halloween. Children do not join satanic cults if they trick-or-treat, and they are not horribly scarred by believing in Santa (and, of course, later finding out that he doesn’t literally exist). If they are, then something else has already gone wrong beforehand.

That said, I certainly don’t seek to condemn parents who don’t mention Santa. Again, I don’t think it matters either way, at least not nearly as much as some make it seem to. All that really matters is that children learn what they need to learn, develop a strong sense of morality, and above all, enjoy their childhood in a loving, fun environment. If these things can be accomplished, little else is of much importance.

When kids are really small there’s no point telling them that Santa isn’t “real” because they can see him at the shopping center or where ever and that is reality to them.
I used to tell my daughter he was just a guy in a suit- she always thought I was saying ‘guy in a soup’.

Anyway just don’t tell them that he’s real and they’ll soon work it out.

Those people are ridiculous. I was raised not believing in Santa, I didnt feel deprived, I wasnt angry at my mom for not lying to me for 8+ years. I actually appreciated the fact that she didnt fill my head with lies just to tell me the horrible truth later on in life. Remember how you felt when you found out cartoons,muppets, etc werent real? I bet you were crushed. I know I was. Why people intentionally do that to their children is beyond me. When I have kids Im not going to lie to them about Santa….I dont want some fake fat guy taking the credit for the gifts I had to pay for, and I dont want to have to lie to my kids for years, just to tell them the truth later on in life. I’d tell them about St. Nick, since he was a real person, but im not going to tell them about some magic old guy who flies around the world and delivers gifts to every single kid on earth. If Santa is real and he has issues with that, then he can show up at my door and take them up with me himself. …….And then he can explain why he never delivered that doll I asked for in second grade when I thought for a moment that possibly my parents were wrong about him not being real ….That Jerk.

I think Santa is a terrific way to let a kid enjoy his childhood to the max…. Give the kids Santa until they ask for the truth… and then give them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There’s no Santa and there’s no effing God.

[][][] r u randy [][][]

Each of their own perspective ..i respect yours


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