Atheists: &quot:How happy would a firm atheist be if their child became a Christian?&quot:?

I just received the above question as an answer to my last question. And it made me wonder.

First, a little story. I’m an atheist, my girlfriend is a Christian. When I first came to this R&amp:S section, it was to learn more about her religion. She read along with me, and many of the bad Christian answers made her doubt her faith. Really, deeply doubt her faith. I hated that, and did everything I could to make sure she remained a Christian, because I know that believing in a god makes her happy. Luckily she decided she didn’t have to leave her faith.

But then again, maybe I’m a weird atheist, but I doubt it. Would you, as an atheist be very disappointed if your child or spouse chose to be a Christian?

Honestly it would not bother me in the slightest. I was born christian (like most atheists) and had the freedom to decide by myself.

I understand that religion has its uses. While I personally disbelieve, that doesn’t mean religion is pointless. However I feel that there is no correct religion and that one religion does not meet the needs of all the people. I fully understand why women have difficulties following a religion that does not have positive female role models. If my child decided that christianity did meet all his/her needs and made her happy–I’d be thrilled that my child was happy.

Now if my child decided that it was part of her religion to be disrespectful in my household and make every family gathering his/her personal soapbox to bash others and attempt to make them convert, I would have a complaint. Not in her religious preference but in her desire to manipulate others, her need to alienate her family, and her lack of understanding for others–for I raised him/her to care about those things. My problem would be with her behavior. Same as it would be if my child were to run off with a cult. It would be fine to worship the religion, but not at the expense of her life.

I am a firm atheist and nearly everyone I have dated has been a firm christian. One of the things I’ve always loved about them has been their christianity. I have doubts on how to raise my children b/c if they tell other kids they are “atheist” and don’t believe–causing other kids to retort their classic line about burning in hell and never seeing your friends–they are too young to know about that. They will fear this hell and more importantly, feel different from their friends, without any idea of what those convictions are. They are too young to make choices like that. However once they are an adult and are making informed choices–I hope they make choices that will lead them to happiness. The road they chose may not be my road and it doesn’t have to be the same choices I made. Thats why I’m American and live in the country of freedom. Like all parents I want my child to be happy, no matter what that means to her.

Nope, wouldn’t bother me at all. I’m married to a Catholic, and the kids are raised (kind of anyway…baptized anyway, other than that there’s not pushing the ideals on them) in the catholic church for now, but as they get older they are free to find their own path.

All my children were raised Catholic. Their religious beliefs were up to them to decide.

Once my youngest was a senior in high school, she became an atheist. I never offered my views on religion to her, only answering questions about I viewed life when she asked.

Out of 5 kids only one is an atheist. Doesn’t bother me at all.

And a follow-up–“How happy would you be to find a firm atheist man?” ;-D

I guess some people just don’t understand that others allow their children to think for themselves.

I would ask them to read the bible and other holy books to help them understand every religion not just Christianity. Then I would read the books with them and show them all the inaccuracies in them. After that I would accept them regardless of what they believe.

My wife is a Roman Catholic.

Life can be pretty cool if you put aside the nonsense of religion.

Love is far greater than those moral mockeries.

I had a friend growing up who was raised atheist and later became a Christian and her parents had no problem with it.

My daughter is free to believe whatever she wishes. If she’s happy, I’m happy. I would only be upset if she used her religion in a manner that would cause a separation of church and state.

I don’t care about my spouse’s (non)religious beliefs. If he loves me, that’s all what matters. And if he decided to leave his religion, I wouldn’t mind that either, as long as it makes him happy.

I wouldn’t be upset at all. My kids have to find their own path just like I found mine. As long as they are happy, I’m happy.

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