British police shoot dead armed robber-Well done,?

An armed career criminal has been shot dead by armed police.

I presume that this officer will now spend time being investigated for his actions-Why?he has carried out the job that I am helping to pay him for.He should be given a comendation not condemnation.

Am I the only person who could not give a toss about the death of a criminal?
anyone who is setting out to commit a crime whilst in posession of a gun is doing so with the intent of threatening or killing civilians.
The police should not give such people the chance to use their guns,these criminals want to live by the gun-let them die by the same means.

Its a case of if the criminal wants to break the law then he takes the consequences. ALL police should be armed, that might make the toe rags think twice (thats if they have enough brain cells to think twice!) before they break the law…often endangering or stealing from honest hardworking people who stay within the law. Im sure many will bleat “victimless crime” but theres no such thing, they all have have victims in one way or another!

so wat? if the criminal would shot ur family member den u would want him dead. leave it up to the police. wa if the cops life was in danger? its either his or the criminals. i take the criminals life…

BEWARE of trigger-happy cops!! Once they get the taste of killing, they will kill again.

i agree with you

argeed well done another lowlife off the streets … keep it up

I agree with you

i agree with you.

yes – they should all be shot!!

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