Condoms through Airport security?

I am going on spring break and of course me and my girlfriend want to be safe. But we are also traveling with some people that we don’t want them to know what we do. I plan on packing a laptop in my carry on suitcase to but because of that will security ask to open and go through my bag. If not can I bring condoms on. I plan on concealing them in like a dvd case or something. Please help and be mature.

Just put them in the dvd case. They will have you take the laptop out of the bag and run it through by itself. The condoms and your dvd case can stay in the bag.

condoms is not a big thing put it under your underwear so no one will pull it

The TSA are looking for weapons, knives and other dangerous things. They <> about condoms, really.

It does not matter where you put them. Just leave them in the box, or wherever you want to put them, It won’t matter. Seriously – they will not care – at all. The probably see thousand of bags with condoms every day. Don’t bother to try to hide them. You cannot hide things from the x-ray image, and trying to conceal things only makes you look suspicious.

You will need to take your laptop out of its case and put it into a bin so it goes through the x-ray machine separately from your other carry on items. That is the only thing you need to do.

They ask for you to take out the latop on your own, and place it in a separate bin. They usually don’t go through your bag, however they may pull people randomly to be searched. If you put it in a DVD thing, that will just look really suspicious and prompt further questioning, which will just make the situation more awkward. Stick them in a side pocket that can’t be seen when the bag is opened.

If you hide then and worry about it guilt will show on your face and they will be all over you like white on rice. Just put them in your bag. If they get you to open and check your bag just stand between the person you dont want to see the condoms, and the bag. Condoms are nothing to be ashamed of!

If you’re embarrassed by condoms then you’re not mature enough to be having sex.

im pretty sure ur aloud to bring them, because u can buy hem at the airport

My question would have more been along the lines off…. Do they allow that material? LOL, I don’t give a **** who sees them.

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