Do older Senior Citizens fear (or feel uncomfortable) going more than a few miles from home?

Well, I’m not an older Senior Citizen but I feel uncomfortable going more than 5 miles outside my home zone only because I have certain disabilities that give me pain or discomfort when stressed or sitting (or standing) for long periods.

I don’t feel uncomfortable, I just don’t like how long it takes to get there.
I have been as far east as Pakistan, as far west as Thailand, as far north as Nova Scotia, and as far south as Antarctica (13 months there with a 2 day trip to the South Pole).
In the past few years I’ve flown to Jacksonville Florida, Groton Connecticut, Sigonella Sicily(11 hours from Rome to Atlanta) and Portland Oregon, and driven from Portland to San Diego, and driven from s.e. Virginia to Charleston SC, and from s.e. Virginia to s.w. Missouri.
In the past few years, my mother-in-law has flown from Missouri to Israel, Mexico (2 times), and Thailand (she turned 80 in Bangkok), and has flown to s.e. Virginia several times (will be here in November).

I read over some of your answers, and I don’t envy you picking a best answer out of the lot. There are some very good ones. I got a chuckle out of the person who “hides in the yard” when his wife wants to go somewhere. (hee hee!)
While I am not in the category of older senior citizen, I do have some disabilities which at times can make it very anxiety-producing to think about going more than a few miles from home. Most of my business is done within a 20 mile radius of my home, and most of my destinations are familiar ones. Sometime in the next month, I am planning on taking a long trip. I try not to think about it too much, but it is always in the back of my mind. It will be hard for me and it will be good to get it done and over with, even though there may be some pluses to it. There is a tiny part of me that still even looks forward to adventures and having fun. Will doing this make me stronger and better able to handle things like this in the future? I don’t know, because I have an anxiety disorder, and it has gotten worse. This is me, the independent, confident person who used to travel the country alone, from coast to coast when she was younger. I think this may be a common feeling for people (though certainly not everyone) as they get older, and more so for people with certain disabilities such as you and I have.

I’m not a senior either, but there is perhaps a 30-mile radius in which I feel comfortable traveling. But I’ve always been a homebody. I have certain disabilities that would prohibit long journeys. Too bad. I would have loved to travel to NYC and see the Letterman show taped just once.

Everyone is entitled to that feeling at any age. It was why I got my walker. I can sit on it comfortably and travel pretty much anywhere I want to go. I do not mean to take advantage,but there are times when I get extra attention because of the walker. I traveled by bus and walked for many,many years going to work and just traveling around the city. I’m glad that at 73,I can still hop-well-hop might not be the word,but get on a Greyhound bus and visit my children. I feel for your pain and hope you are able to find a way to get out more and venture a little further next time.

I am a somewhat homebody myself but still love to see new places.
I have to force myself to get out and see the world.
I am an American living in Hungary and I love it here. Never thought I would but I do.
Our son wants us to visit the US for the winter and we are set to go next month.
Now I am afraid to go to the US as now it seems a strange place to me.
That’s very weird.
I find most of my business here or in the US can be done within a 5 mile radius most times.
i always like to sleep in my own bed if possible so traveling does stress me somewhat.
I am sure after 5 months in the US I will not want to leave.
It is all a matter of mind over matter. Everyone likes to feel safe but sometimes being too safe is boring.

My father died last year just a few days after his 82nd birthday after a 6 month battle with cancer. He had flown to Panama and spent 5 days there, then took a train to Lima where he planned to spend up to 2 months seeing the sights. He had a small suitcase and a backpack, a laptop and a camera. He was in Lima 2 days when he realized something was wrong and flew back to the states. Turned out to be pancreatic cancer. I hope to take some of his ashes to Machu Pichu one day. He had dreamed of going there for at least 20 years but only got as far as Lima.

Don’t let anyone tell you life is fair.

Not in the least. I have a wanderlust that still makes me get in the car for no reason and just drive. I have taken long driving vacations by myself and have been very vulnerable when traveling.
The only thing stopping me now from going across country is financial, since I am no longer drawing a paycheck.

Yes, sometimes, If I go to Missouri from Oregon (alone) to see my daughter and grandkids I have to fly, not drive. I too, have serious health problems, and can understand your feelings, but the pain and health problems are with me at home or away. I am more comfortable if someone who understands Addison’s disease is with me, however. We have driven that trip many times, but last May, we talked about discomfort of sitting so long.

Maybe I’m not old enough to actually fear leaving where I live to go out among
strangers, but I do admit to a bit of insecurity. And actually, if it weren’t for going
to doctors’ appointments or even the hospital, I wouldn’t get out of my room at
all. For along with disabilities, I have to worry about running out of oxygen with
an empty tank, and I have to worry about someone pushing me in a wheelchair
now, or the availability of someone. And I have to worry about navigation due
to my wheelchair being transferred to take with me. So actually for me, it’s
more of a stress, than a fear to leave ‘home’ as there are many safety worries
to concern me now.

There are times when I do feel like that because of my disabilities too.I will never swim alone since my stroke.
But as a ex travel agent I still dream of going to far away places, then sometimes my body reminds me that I should only do shorter trips to familiar places with family or friends.
AND its always good to come home.

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