Do you ever get sick and tired of………?

Being sick and tired?

Omg that is my life theme….I am always telling people that. YES!!! I am so tired of being sick and tired….i feel your pain sweetie:P

Yeah! I was sick all week, which included being tired, and I was going bonkers! Luckily I feel better today, but I’m manic and can’t sleep. Go figure.


Yeppers. Tired of livin’ and scared of diein, that Ol’ Man River, he just keeps rolling along.

Yes, because during the week I always feel lyke super tired!

tomorrow is a new sick and a new tired….keeps the variety in my life

Yes and i,m ready for a vacation and an affair to remember.

Yes, it has become a life struggle

You must be phsycic coz I started feeling that way today… So I asked someone else to work for me today.

Yes so darn many flus lately.

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