Do you love your enemy s? is there currently someone you hate? are you a forgiving person ?

I can honestly say I hate no one and even if I did not have GOD in my life my personality is not one to hate people and I can forgive people most all the time..HOWEVER I cannot tolerate many people who in my opinion are lazy, self centered want something for nothing.. So my enemys I guess would be people I cannot tolerate and without GOD and his forgiveness to me I am better prepared to give and help other’s I truly think are pretty much worthless.

If I did not have GOD in my life would I love and help people? yes but it would be on my terms I would be the decider who I think is worth it and has value Is that being mean not that is human nature which is flawed

I am not saying Atheists are cold heartless people, some I have gotten to know here are very nice and kind but if nothing compells you to love people or have no interest in knowing helping or being around why would you?

What softens your heart to people? for me it’s GOD

I think hate is a strong word. There are those who I have a difficult time tolerating.

Mine is simply due to a lack of tolerance to those who abuse and harm people and animals that cannot defend themselves.

Honestly, I don’t want to lose that lack of tolerance.

I’m not really aware that I have any personal enemies. However, if I did I don’t think I could honestly say that I love them. Nor could anyone else and be honest or sain. I’ve been wronged by people, but I don’t hate anybody. I’m also a very forgiving person; more forgiving than most Christians I know. I also carry no grudges. I was an Atheist for many years and found Atheists, myself included, to be very caring, compassionate, and forgiving people. Many of them exhibiting far better morals than most Christians I know.

You are young and nieve yet.

I would have said praise the Lord if you would have stopped at

Do you love your enemy’s? is there currently someone you hate? are you a forgiving person ?
I can honestly say I hate no one

BUT, when you added the part of

and even if I did not have GOD in my life,

you do not know what you are talking about. I am saved and I had something which rocked my world. I could and can not harm a fly hate anyone etc. But when I went through and am still going through what I am going through, If I were not saved, I might have murdered that person.

Do not ever say if you are not saved, or as you stated, that if you are not saved, you could never hate anyone. There is no such thing as loving people on your terms or being able to never hate anyone if you are not saved.

I can not, regarding hate quite express to you, just how wrong your line of thinking is; if you are saved you could never be tempted to hate anyone to the point of sweating like great drops of blood because of your personality. And that even, If you are not saved that you could never be hate any. What the devil wants


children to do is to hate, die violently, and end up in hell.

GOD wants people to love and tolerate others. most people , however , don’t get this point. they love their mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers, colleagues, friends and all kind of people with whom they share color faith or interests. but this is not love. this is a natural attraction that has nothing to do with what GOD says. GOD wants you to tolerate the different, those who doesn’t believe in the same way, who doesn’t live the same way , who doesn’t share any thing with you… and that’s not an easy task.. it takes a life time to achieve but it can turn the world into a different place.

I’ll forgive people who misspell “enemies” and who incorrectly use apostrophes to signify plurality.

I don’t have identifiable enemies per se.

Bush is the only one worthy of my hate at the moment.

I am usually a forgiving person, but I do have a few minor grudges, I admit.

I do not believe in the standard definition(s) of god, nor do I see it as a requirement for any of the good attributes you or others describe.

Nice question! Sometimes we may get angry at people, but that cannot be regarded as hatred! Hatred is something which we keep in mind! Bible is totally against that! It teaches us to get our conscience cleared before the sunset… simply means… the very same day… Not more than that. And that too… If I think the other person is having something with me, I have to go and say sorry!… May seem strange, but that is a great principle.

I can say there is no one that I hate, oh there use to be a time where I thought I was the center of the world, and had enemies, and hated, but not since allowing the Lord back into my life. And for him allowing me back in his. Thanks be to God. I try to follow all of Jesus’s teachings, especially to love my enemies and pray for all who persecute. Turn the other cheek, etc….

Honestly, there are people that I hate. Three actually, and I have no intention of forgiving them. Amazingly, it doens’t take that much energy :p

I believe in God, but I don’t think that that belief in God means I cannot have honest feelings.

I actually think it takes more honesty to admit that I hate someone than it would be to deny my feelings and pretend not to just for it to be easier for people to accept me as a Christian.

I don’t have many enemies.

It’s a mistake to say that because someone doesn’t believe in God that nothing compels them to love people, or to help them.

In fact, the atheist does it without fear of punishment or expectation of reward. It could almost be considered more authentic.

I don’t HATE anyone. Similarly, I don’t LOVE many people. “Love” and “hate” are two words that are so nonchalantly thrown around these days. They are said often times without consideration of what they truly mean and devoid of any feeling at all.

I can be forgiving, but that has nothing to do with love or hate.

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