Do you think an Iraqi mother who loses her son to the war feels less pain than an American mother in the same?


Some of the answers here are simply outrageously offensive.

Here are the facts:

1.The US CHOSE to wage an ILLEGAL war all based upon a pack of lies that has so far seen the slaughter of some 4,000 US soldiers and over 400,000 innocent Iraqi civilians.

2.The US has turned a terrorist free state into a terrorist haven.

3.The US has spent literally millions documenting/keeping tract of every wounded and killed US soldier and everything about them but has refused for obvious reasons not to accurately even attempt to keep track of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis slaughtered let alone the literally millions that have been scarred/wounded.

4.During the Vietnam war where the US military slaughtered even more innocents,they created the phrase ‘ COLATERAL DAMAGE” when referring to all those HUMAN BEINGS KILLED by the US forces ..This filthy despicable humanity defying phrase is what one would expect of NAZI Germany not of a country UNDER GOD that wears it’s Christian faith on it ‘s collective sleeve in the most offensive,sanctimonious and pontificating manner.

To the poster here who debased Islam and it’s culture,let me remind this vile person that the historical record shows clearly that in all of man’s history it has been the JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CULTURE that has slaughtered ,genocided,raped,lynched,burnt,tortured ,enslaved ets etc etc ,more humans than any other religion/ culture so take your obscene holier-than-thou garbage elsewhere.


None of these INNOCENT IRAQIS asked to be placed in a situation where they would be SLAUGHTERED .With it’s despicable illegal war ,ALL FOR OIL OIL OIL , AMERICANS CHOSE to slaughter these innocents.

The most despicable act of all is Bush using and abusing MY FAITH to justify his filthy atrocity in Iraq.

Your question is of course to most of humanity simply rhetorical but to morally and ethically bankrupted Americans who individually and collectively truly believe that all others are less than human, this knowledge comes as a true revelation to them.

As all you good little American Christians enter your Churches on Sunday GOD and Christ are waiting for you to account for these henous crimes you have committed against God’s peoples.

Funny thing that, we have no martyr complex.
No seventy-two virgins, no reason to teach our kids to hate and fight over who took over the proper reins after Mohammed died.
And that’s been going on long before we got there, almost six hundred years in fact, between Sunni and Shiites.
I don’t think they feel less pain, but I wonder if there is more pride. And that’s a pretty sad commentary to the western mind.

I didn’t get that from some spoon fed nonsense, I live in an area where we do have Muslim women who talk to others. This is not something unheard of, although they were all careful to make it clear that they would never do such a thing they all know of women who are proud of the way their children have died, killing the infidel.
Just today, we were treated to the sight of Palestinians dancing and handing out candies at the deaths of unarmed, student noncombatants shot and killed in their school. They praised the martyrs that died shooting the infidels. That’s what they did after 9/11 too. Don’t believe they think with the same European ideas we have, they are no less human, but they do have different ways of looking at life experiences.

If anyone needs to check out their facts its you iceman

It’s all the same , real pain losing a child !
The thing is The Iraqi got invaded illegally by war criminals bush and cheney , and Elites bastards big fat corps! He had no choice he was killed! But the American had the choice, not to go to war !?


Edit : Dear justagrandma : You know it’s not smart to repeat the garbage which corrupted media spoon fed you, with out checking it on your own? I know you haven’t done that, so do many more people !

Edit : My Dear why don’t you take a pick at this clip ?!
It will tell you almost all the facts instead of lies you are used to every day!
BTW: I don’t need to check my facts + source,
I am the source.

Edit : ndgbill : Sir, outstanding, truly great analysis and info.
My hats off to you.

Best Regards.

I didn’t realize our leaders had that many bullets . Maybe you should be blaming the elements in Iraq that are shooting at each other. We, as Americans, would like nothing better than for the Iraqis to find a way to live peacefully so we could get our fathers, brothers, and sons in uniform out of there.

of course… we only care about us and our own feelings (sarcasm in case you can’t tell)

we’ve lost the ability to see from anothers perspective… I think the word I want is empathy

A mother losing a son is just that, be it an American, Iraqi, or otherwise.


This is why President Bush wants these people to be so severely tortured (they lack the capacity for pain)

It is important to understand that non Teutonic people are a completely different specie


But I also think the mother of the VTech killer felt the greatest pain of all.

What does that have to do with what is right & what is wrong?

Of course not. But some countries think they are the only ones in this planet, the only ones deserving a media coverage, the only ones who suffer and whose lives, ideals and behaviors are worth.

The pain of losing a son, no matter what side you are on, would be the same.

Losing a child is always a painful thing no matter who you are.

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