EWW Raw come rate the show?

EWW Champs
World Heavyweight Champ Shawn Michaels
EWW Champ CM Pubk
Intercontinentsl Champ Matt Hardy
Unified Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
Women’s Champ Miickie James
Women’s Tag Team Champions Sarita and Daffeny
Mr Money in the Bank Matt Hardy

NEW Raw intro plays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUcKe-p0wEI Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show as last week Jericho was named #1 contender for Punks EWW Title also Christian defeated HBK and Cena and chose a stipulation for their match at Backlash which will now be a Ladder Match and tonight it will be Christian vs John Cena in the main event

GM Ric Flair music hits he enters the ring and sayslast week after what Matt and Jeff did to Kofi Kingstons Matt i decided that you will put your Money in the Bank briefcase on the line with your IC title on the line after your actions and tonight you and your brother faces Kane and The Undertaker tonight and i’ll be damn sure you two are punished because AJ Styles will be the Special Guest referre and Chris Jericho great victory but tonight you are in action against John Morrison andhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBQAn90sY0c Eric hits the ring and saysFlair enough is enough i think its time for a change so i think we can make a deal how about we break up these superstars you take some superstars with you and lets make another show called SmackdownRicBischoff no way in hell nobody likes you, your the reason why WCW failed you drove them out of business and im certainley not gonna let you do that with EWW now Mr McMahon or Shane isn’t here because they are no longer allowed so don’t think your gonna walk in here and take over because your not i have made Raw succesful and won’t let you screw up so why don’t you get out of my ring before i take out the trash just like McMahon did to you when he fired you in WWEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xkTqd7zcuk&amp:feature=relatedStephanie enters and she saysEric the last time you were here in EWW you really screwed up ratings and fans hated you and i agree with Flair and now that i have power not my dad what i say goes and if anything Ric yes soon very soon we will be splititng the brands into 2 but the GM sure as hell won’t be Eric Bischoff so Eric do as i say get out the ringEric leaves as we cut to a commercial

Match 1. Booker T and Rhyno vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Londrick won after a Get Well Soon to Ryno then Paul sayswe have been taking the back seat for everybody else but enough is enough we want a unififed tag team championship shot i think all of our fans would agreeMiz and Morrison enter and Miz saysyou two your not a real tag team no both of you had your time as tag team champion in WWE we are the tag team here and we deserve the shotStephanie McMahon music hits she saysok heres whats going down since you 2 tag team aren’t the only ones wanting a tag title shot at Backlash it will be a #1 contenders Hardcore Match which will have Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs Miz and John Morrison vs Cryme Tyme vs The Hart Dynasty then the winners of that match will face the tag champion on Raw after BacklashStephanie music hits as Londrick and Miz and Morrison are shocked

Backstage is new interivewer for EWW Christy Hemme and she has Mickie James with her
HemmeMickie at Wrestlemania you defeated Trish Stratus a 7 time women’s champion with your rivarly whats going through your mind as its been announced that you will face the winner of the #1 contenders match coming up at the next PPV Backlash
Mickieit doesn’t matter who i face i will prove my dominance as Women’s champion nothing or nobody stands in my way so who ever wins tonight good luck at beating me at Backlash because your gonna need it

Match 2. #1 contenders match for Women’s Championship Gail Kim vs Maria vs Victoria vs Melina
{Mickie at commentary table} Kim got the victory but after Mickie comes in and nails Kim with the women’s belt on the back of the skull and holds the title high as we cut to commercial

Back from commerical IC Champ, Money in the bank winner Matt Hardy, Lita and Jeff are in the ring Matt has a miclast week was torture Ric Flair making me and my brother go through the Tag Team Champions but we played his game and won we beat Mysterio and RVD 2 guys who could never match up against us and now i have defend my IC Title and Money in the Bank briefcase against someone who will never come close to being the man that i am AJ Styles he is not even a man sure he’s a former world champion buts thats all he’ll ever beAJ Styles comes out to the ring and says

Promo 1: 6.2/10

Match 1: 8.5/10

Promo 2: 4/10

Match 2: 7.7/10

Promo 3: 6/10

Match 3: 6.8/10

Promo 4: 10/10

Match 4: 3.6/10

Match 5: 10/10

Match 6: 7/10

Main-Event: 9.1/10

Remarkable Show 10/10

Best Matches:
1) Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison w/The Miz
2) Brothers of Destruction vs. The Hardy Boyz
3) Gail Kim vs. Maria vs. Victoria vs. Melina

Great Show
Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Promo 1- 10/10

Tag Team Match
Match 1-9.2/10

Promo 2- Backstage Mickie James 10/10

Woman’s Match
Match 2-9.3/10

Promo 3- The Hardy’s and Lita / AJ Styles 10/10

Match 3-8.6/10

Promo 4- Evolution 10/10

Match 4-10/10

Match 5-10/10

Tag Team Match
Match 6-10/10

Main Event-10/10

Finally Ric Flair has, concluded ,to discipline, The Hardy’s for their unjustifiable actions, making them face The Bothers of destruction, one of the most, Fearsome teams, of all time. Eric Bischoff return was a surprise and Flair was not hesitant to let Easy E, know how he feels about him.. Everything he said was accurate, nobody on EWW Roster wants to see history repeat themselves

The Cerebral Assassin was remorseless, he annihilated The Silent Assassin”. viewers (were horrify) , but more sicken to see what Triple H has done, to his former partner Randy Orton”. it’s unknown when Orton will ever make his return to professional wrestling

Brilliant Show 10/10

Promo 1-10/10

Match 1-10/10
Post Match-10/10

Promo 2-10/10

Match 2-9/10-Would have been a 10/10 if Melina had won.
Post Match-10/10

Promo 3-10/10

Match 3-9/10

Promo 4-10/10-I assume Randy Orton is turning face.

Match 4-9/10

Promo 5-10/10

Match 5-10/10
Post Match-10/10

Match 6-10/10
Post Match-10/10

Main Event-10/10
Post Match-10/10

Promo 1 9.5/10
Match 1 8.1/10
Promo 2 8/10
Match 2 8/10
Promo 3 9.3/10
Match 3 7.9/10
Promo 4 9.5/10
Match 4 8.5/10
Promo 5 9.3/10 (lol Triple H is beating up everyone)
Match 5 9.1/10
Post match 8.2/10
Match 6 9.2/10
Post match 9.2/10
Main event 9.1/10
Post match 9.5/10

9.1/10 Fantastic show
check out WNW brawl http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind…

Calling WWE EWW and TNA ANT is so old now

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