Food that represents your state.?

I would like to know the one dish that represents every state. Please let me know what state your from and the reason why it represents your state. I will be doin a lot of traveling and will be trying a lot of them.

For Iowa it would be either an Iowa Chop (pork). They’re easily over an inch thick and so good. There’s so many hogs in Iowa.

For California, it’s either hispanic food or anything with avocado in it. Avocados go in practically everything here.

Well I am FROM california which is mostly known for thier vineyards. If your ever out that way I would try to visit perry creek and get a bottle of Mistelle Rouge. Its a very sweet full bodied desert wine and I have never found anything like it anywhere else… I lived in Alaska for a while which is known for thier halibut and king crab. I suggest visiting Humpy’s bar and grill if your every in anchorage and try some Halibut chuncks (beer battered halibut) And then I am currently in Arkansas which even though tyson chicken comes from here I think the biggest thing people eat down here are pulled pork sammiches. I have an Awesome recipe for pulled pok in the crock pot. 1. 4-5 lb pork tenderloin trim off the fat 1 can (14.5oz) beef broth 1/3 cup worcestershire sauce 1/3 cup franks red hot sauce Cook in crock pot on low for 10 hours. Once you start the crockpot. In a small bowl combine 18 oz sweet baby rays honey BBQ sauce, 1/4 cup yellow mustard, 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce and 2 tablespoons of franks red hot. refridgerate until pork is done. Once pork is cooked, remove from crockpot (retain sauce it was cooked in) use a fork to shred the pork and place back in crock pot. pour BBQ mixture over pork and cook another 20 minutes. Serve hot on bread 🙂 WAY Yummy

I asked all the people in my house this question.. here’s what I got.

We live in Texas and Barbecue sauce and versions of ribs are in every eating place.
So one thing was Barbecue.

Another is, every city in Texas has a Chili cook-off. So I’m voting Chili.

So either Chili or Barbecue for Texas. For either I would suggest a restaraunt called Chili’s. Also snag a Molten Chocolate Cake before you leave.

I’m in California…..and the dish that represents Cali is probably rice and beans with something else on the side because we have so many Mexicans here and that’s like all they ever eat!

I’m from Traverse City, Mi.
It’s the Cherry Capitol of the world so it states anyways.
So, all things Cherries and wine.

for some reason north carolinians enjoy bbq (pulled pork). it doesn’t do much for me but that is what they like. they are also big on fried chicken and chitlins.

if you go to illinois it will depend on the area. in the west suburbs it is bohemian food such as pork, dumplings and saurkraut. bohemians also have the best taste in pastries and breads.

chicago is known for their vienna hotdogs, pizza and italian beef sandwiches (which are the bomb).

California – I’d have to agree with the avocado in anything – think California Roll, Guacamole, sandwiches, omlettes,etc

the key lime pie is a food representing florida as the official state pie (which for some god forsaken reason needed an act of congress to establish)…oddly i do not care for it….

Florida here too:
Try our gator chowder when you get here!! Also add to your Florida list, gator sausage, eggs and cheese grits! A great lunch is conch chowder. Dinner is the best of all, Grouper, fried, broiled or baked. We have so much to be grateful for in this state! Please come and visit us.

Michigan desserts already mentioned are ok but don’t forget the muskrat main dish! and no, I’m not kidding–its real

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