Hi! How can a person delete previous websites in the address bar? –Internet Options/delete History won t work

On the HELP drop down menu, click on Contents and Index. Then, under the ‘Index’ tab, find ‘deleting previous Address bar entries’. Then it says to go to Tools/Internet Options/General tab. Then go to ‘History’ then click ‘Clear History’. Don’t think so! This method doesn’t seem too cooperative. After many tries, NOTHING! All previous entries are still there. I would like to begin typing a new address in the Address Bar without tons of previous entries popping up. Any clues?


Go to your menu bar at the top of the web page.
Click on Tools
Click on Internet Options
Click on Content Tab
On the bottom of the pop-up click on Auto Complete
Clear ALL check boxes
Click on Clear forms
Click on OK at the bottom of that section
Click on General Tab
Go down to History Tab
Click on Clear History
Click on OK
Go to your Address bar and click on down arrow
Your Web Address History should be clear
Click on your History Icon in Tool Bar under menu bar
History should open up clear

Hope this helps, good luck.

I don’t know what browser you’re using, but in those options, also try clearing the cache, deleting temporary online files, & cookies. While you’re at it, go to the ‘Content’ tab, press ‘Autocomplete’, and ‘Clear Forms’. Then exit and reopen the browser. if you’re still having problems, I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the program, as well as doing a spyware search. If uninstalling scares you, you can give something like this a shot:


But I should warn you that I’ve never used it, so I can’t really vouch for it. Finally, if you aren’t using Mozilla Firefox by now, please try it out for a week. Tabbed browsing (instead of having a zillion windows at the bottom of your screen, they’ll fall into tidy tabs in 1 window, like a file folder used in an office), better security, much less spyware…

Best of luck!


Try clearing out the “Auto Complete” feature. It’s found in IE Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete Options. Click that little button, then hit the “Clear” button inside the dialog box which appears.

There are also checkboxes where you can remove “Web Addresses” from the Auto Complete option. Good luck!

Try go to “C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5″ and delete all content there.
Alternatively you could also do start >> programs >> accessories >> system tools >> disk cleanup….there should be a checked box that reads temporary internet files and clean up see how that works. 🙂

Download and run CCLEANER. It has options to delete a bunch of MS stuff including history, cookies and temp files.


U need a CC CLeaner.. try to google any CCleaner and download it. they are all free. and small size programs
u run it and it scan yuor computer and u clean it

u should go to filehippo.com and download cc cleaner. this will clear all history (like your porn surfing). I alos suggest you download the Firefox webbrowser at mozilla.com for browsing. it is safer than ie.

internet options -clear autocomplete, or autocomplete off.

I think that should help

delete cookies and cache pervo

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