How many championships will Lebron James get?

Honestly I want him to get 4 really bad.Me being 17 I admire and look up to someone who has failed many of times but still succeeded in times of trouble.Also do you think he’s better than Kobe Bryant,if so explain why

I say he will get 5, atleast. Here’s how I see LeBron doing: he will be his amazing self until 36, and then he’ll slip. He has 8 years to get 4 championships. I believe he will get 2 championships for the next 2 years. That will make it 3 rings, and he’ll still have 6 years. At this point, if Wade is still on the team, they can win. Maybe not the next year, but they will win another year. That’s 4 rings. Worst case scenario, he’s 33 with 4 rings, with Wade retired. If miami brings in new talent, he’ll retire in South Beach. If he doesn’t, he will go to wherever’s best for him. He will win another ring to match Kobe’s 5. If he wants to, he can just hang around in the NBA to get his 6th and final ring.

Lebron James can probably add at least two more rings to his collection maybe even three. It depends on how the league changes and which teams can rise. OKC is the only team which poses a threat to Miami Heat because their team is young and still growing. The Memphis Grizzles look good this year as well so who knows for sure.

Lebron James probably cannot surpass Kobe in terms of rings but will have better stats than Kobe. I would pick Kobe Bryant over Lebron James because Kobe Bryant has a scorer’s mentality and he can get points when he wants to.

I’d say minimum 3, maximum 5. And right now he’s better than kobe, but his career will never be better than kobes in my opinion, because he does not seem to have that killer drive or edge players like Kobe or Mike had that helped put them over the top.

2-3 and no he is not better than kobe

I think Lebron will win 2-3 more championship.
before end of his career, however, if he ride championship
teams at late in his career, then that is different story.

At least 4.

at least 3 as minnum aasumming heat or whatever team picks him up after 2 years can put talant around him not one man can win the finals he can take you there but not win it

People might think it is crazy, but I think he will around 8. He is only in his late 20s. He will probably age well bc he is passer. He has like 15 years left to play!

Idk how many he`ll get but iits 3+ ik that. And i dont think he can top kobes legacy. Theres a reason why people say KOBE when thers go for a jumper

He promise you 8 rings kid & no he is no better then Kobe.

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