How to Buy a puppy (teacup yorkie)?

im in a process of buying a teacup yorkie but i dont know how it works the seller is overseas from me and how do i do all the paperwork ? can i trust the person ?

No, you can’t trust this person. The seller is selling you a runt. That’s all ‘teacup’ stands for in dogs. If you want a dog, adopt from a shelter. Many shelters have Yorkies, they’ll tell you the truth about the animal’s health, and they won’t charge you an arm and a leg for a healthy dog, much less a sickly runt.


More than likely it doesnt exsist or it is unhealthy and poorly bred . People are getting scammed hundreds and thousands of dollars from people overseas ” pretending ” they have fullblooded or AKC registered puppies for a low price or free . Theres no such thing as a teacup yorkie anyways . That just means its the runt of the litter . But anyways if the seller claims hes in another country doing some type of work then dont do it !! I wouldnt trust this man or woman if it is out of the country . Typically scammers are using yorkies and bulldogs for the attention because they are popular right now . I would suggest you find another breeder close to your area or in your area that can deal with you personally without going out of range to see a dog that may or may not exsist . Always ask questions before just completing a transaction that you may not feel safe with .

– Ask if you can meet the breeder and puppies to discuss about what puppies you are interested in .

– If they deny or make up some silly exscuse about how they dont have a phone or how they cant let you come to the house then dont do it . Find someone else .

– Do not send money western union or money orders .

Most scammers are overseas .

I would be leery buying an expensive pup overseas even though I know it’s done a lot.
I would be afraid of being ripped off let alone buying a pup with disease or a really poor pedigree. I think you need to really research the breeder before shelling out $1500 or how ever much you’re paying.
As far as the overseas paperwork, talk to a vet, get on-line and check it out, or talk to an experienced breeder.
As far as the “Teacup” or “dollface” Yorkie’s go, they are prone to illness and die younger that a normal size Yorkie. although not all “Teacups” are unhealthy. I have a small Yorkie although she’s not a teacup. Very small Yorkie’s are very prone to low blood sugar and when that happens, they will die quickly if their blood sugar is not brought up quickly.
Good luck!

Sounds like a scam. First of all, a reputable breeder knows there is no such thing as a “teacup” yorkie as far as breed recognition. Secondly, dogs bred to get the extra small size tend to have numerous physical conditions and your Vet bills are likely to be outrageous. Google ‘Yorkshire Terrier breed standards’ and make sure the parents of the pup you will get are within breed standards and have health guarantees that are legitimate.
Definitely DON’T TRUST this person.

Be ware..many of these so called breeder sales from overseas are scams..I would run not walk away from this sale. There are many responsible breeders of Yorkies right here in the US. Also anyone trying ot sell you a “teacup” is not responsible.

Teacup Yorkies do not exist. Teacup is a bogus term puppy mills and some breeders use to sell extra small unhealthy dogs at a high price. Do not buy it.

First, these people are right. Teacup is just a title for which you pay more money, there is no teacup breed.
Second, my mother in law has two yorkies. She got that is soooo mean. She snaps and growls and barks at everyone. So my mother in law got another thinking they could be friends…wrong! This one is terrible too!
I don’t suggest yorkies at all!

Don’t buy a puppy unless you see the dog first!!
Don’t send any money.
You need to see the dog first.
There is no such thing as teacup anything.
They are just unhealthy runt dogs.

Find a reputable breeder that is close to you that you can go to their house and see the dogs and talk to them about their dogs and about buying a puppy.
A reputable breeder will test for genetic conditions and breed to better the breed.

if you want to buy a teacup then go to your nearest store. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TEACUP YORKIES. they are just the results of stupid, IRRISPONSIBLE, BYB’S AND PUPPY MILLERS. they are mutant yorkies. stay clear of them! dont promote the breeding of them by buying one.

OH AND BY THE WAY poms 4 life said it all!

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