Is a progressive a democrat or republican?

I’ve been hearing politicians described as progressives a lot lately and am not sure what it means!

They used to call themselves Communists, until that became a dirty word.
Then they started calling themselves Socialists until we found out it meant the same thing.
Then they started calling themselves Liberals, which worked for a while until we found out most of them were Socialists. Now they want to re-brand themselves as progressive but what they don’t tell you is they want to progress towards socialism.

It’s all the same BS just the name changes.

Progressives right now are mostly in the Democratic Party, but some have also infiltrated the Republican party. They can get away with this because they don’t really care about the core beliefs of which ever party they infiltrate. Their ultimate agenda has nothing to do with abortion, gay rights, civil rights, gun control, and the other key points between the two parties. They have worked into key roles in both parties to work the system so that no matter who wins an election, Americans still lose.

Progressives believe in spending and overloading the US financial system to bring down the establishment to enable sweeping and radical change….sound familiar of the last 4 Presidents?


Progressives are socialist that are hiding under that name. There are many in the Democrat party but there are some in the Republican party also. they are to be challenged at every turn.
The party is just a means to an ends.
Look at Pelosi, she is no more a Democrat the I ! She is and will always be a progressive although a very rich one. just like the party elite in Russia with their large apartments in Moscow and Dachas on the Black sea.
Hillary openly admitted it during the Primary debates.
Her Thesis at Wesleyan was on Saul Alinski. Are you blind?

A progressive adapts to changing needs of a nation or a situation (not a Republican or conservative trait), and accepts or even seeks necessary changes to keep up (not a Republican or conservative trait), therefore a progressive is generally a Democrat. In a “new technology” world, in order to remain competitive in a global market, our elected representatives and our leader(s) have to be willing to think “out of the box” in terms of jobs creation and global market economies (definitely not something a Republican or conservative, who cling to old ways, is capable of doing–just look at how they ran this nation into the ground). We have to have an eye to the future when using finite resources, such as big oil (campaign donors for Republicans and conservatives), and have to be consumer-friendly and fair (definitely NOT in the Republican or conservative vernacular) so, again, progressive goes into the Democrat column.

Democrats and when a politician claims to be Progressive you should be very careful because they are completely insane. In the 1930’s they were endorsing eugenics and forced sterilization of the population.

Conservatives have a habit of vilifying everyday terms and using them as invectives. After decades of misusing and mis-characterizing the term “liberal,” people don’t use that term any more, so instead many liberals use the term “progressive.”

Contrary to what conservatives claim, democrats (in office, anyway) aren’t generally liberal or progressive, simply because our campaign financing system is a form of legalized bribery, so both parties govern for the corporations while trying to tell the people who vote they’re really about them.

Most progressives don’t care for the democrats, but quite rightly are horrified by republicans, so if you had to pick one or the other, it would be democrat, though if they had their druthers, they’d pick someone else entirely.

It’s kind of like how many conservatives, while supporting the GOP and their bile over the democrats, now call themselves “Libertarians” and would like to have another option, as well.

Progressives in the late 1800’s created corporatism and supported eugenics (abortion), today they still support the same under nice sounding names and call themselves democrats.

Liberal Democrat.

I know, they have so many names to cover each party……..stupid!

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