Is Michele Bachmann quitting because she is tired of repealing Obama Care for the umpteenth time?

No. She’s quitting because she misused campaign funds. She’s hoping to escape Congressional ethics violations by leaving Congress.

Re: SS Kitty solid answer. Obamacare is a prepare wreck piece of legislations. My scientific care expenses have long gone up by skill of approximately 20% and my care high quality has dwindled. The scientific professional I actual have been seeing for greater or less 15 years has asked that I no longer come back. He can not locate the money for to verify me because of the fact what Obamacare will pay won’t conceal his overhead. i think of there is a few provision that prohibits docs from dropping sufferers because of the fact of Obamacare, yet I unquestionably sympathize with my scientific professional. i understand he will see me if i’m ill because of the fact he’s a solid guy. I actual have made it a prepare to no longer rant approximately hating genuinely everyone. Hate is a poor word and that i ward off utilising it, yet Obama is on the topic of the main valueless b a s t a r * d I actual have ever run in the time of. He makes Jimmy Carter appear as if a prince. i’m hoping his d i * ok falls off. Obama is a bite of pig s h * t.

Democrats are leaving Obamacare in order to get re elected. Ms. Bachmann has decided that two terms should be sufficient for any lawmaker. I agree with her.

Voters will repeal Obamacare when they dump politicians who voted for it, in 2014.

No, she and her husband have scammed so much from Medicaid and Medicare they can afford to live in Switzerland now.

No. She knows she can make more money outside of
Congress than in Congress.

In Congress it is called bribes;
out of Congress it is called “speaking fees.”

She is quitting because she knows she will most likely lose.

i don’t believe that she is really not running.

Surely, as the election comes closer she will that the country cannot live without her insight and powerful intellect

She’s quitting for two reasons: her district has finally figured out that she is batshit psycho crazy, and she is facing prosecution for misuse of campaign funds.

i think she accidentally passed a psychiatric exam, thereby disqualifying her from the Tea Party Preferred List.

She knows she’s not a player outside her niche. She’s taken it as far as it goes for her. Time to go make money

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