Kwame Brown: Biggest NBA Bust ever?

He was the first high school player ever to be taken first in the NBA draft, and now he is just a backup for the Pistons. Not to mention he didnt even get any playing time on the Lakers. Is there anyone that’s ever been more of a bust in the NBA than Kwame?

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The biggest bust in the nba is Michael Olowakandi.The guy sucked,doesn’t even play now and he was just a waste of draft pick for the Clippers.The’d easily get better if they drafted someone else

Kwame is a bust.He was expected to be something like new Olajuown but the injures stopped him.Plus,he didn’t want to play so much

Darko Milicic is the biggest bust ever.The guy just totaly sucks,isn’t good at anything.They said that he was good on practise but totaly sucks when he has to show that in a game.

Sam Bowie.He’s a bust and din’t even play.The Rockets drafted Hakeem and he turned in one of the greatest all time centers in the nba and deserved his spot in top 50.Bowie sucked and is a bust.The Bulls got lucky from that draft and picked the greatest of all time,Michael Jordan


acutally he wasnt the 1st high school player to be taken in the draft

Moses Malone was in the 70s

Id have to say Michael Olowakandi who the Clippers drafted #1 in 1998 was the biggest bust because he’s already out of the league and wasnt the sure thing he was expected to be.

The 2nd biggest bust would be Sam Bowie who the Blazers selected ahead of Michael Jordan

i circulate to ought to declare Darko… he’s been the bigger bust… Kwame a minimum of all started maximum of his profession, even nonetheless he’s not that great, a minimum of he can play quite sturdy submit protection while Darko has been driving the pine, majority of his profession… i could think of that the two of them will ever develop into suitable, you could tell that those 2 no longer carry that confidense in themselves, to develop into suitable, yet once you’re conversing of a sturdy sturdy bench participant, the two can, supply respectable minutes off the bench and rebound…

king of nj: he said the first player out of HS to be picked 1st overall…

anyways kwame is up there with sam bowie and darko

Michael Owalakandi was worse.



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