POLL: If Hurricane Katrina was Bush s fault, can we blame Hurricane Irene on Obama?

Only a complete moron blames a hurricane on a person. I guess since the media blamed Bush for Katrina they should blame Obama for Irene to be consistent, but it makes absolutely no sense.

American Guitarist-

The only thing Bush was blamed for when Hurricane Katrina hit was the response from the Federal Government to help the people who were caught in the middle of that Natural Disaster.

It is clear that you don’t like Obama. You should pray for him, because apparently most people feel the way you must.

I don’t think you really are going to get away with blaming Obama before the fact. Just wait and see the difference between what he does to help vs. Bush; then, you might give him some breathing room to fix all the problems Bush created in the first place!

I still love you, though!

Joy2U2 :)!

How was Hurricane Katrina Bush’s fault? And no we cannot. How do they come up with these names anyway?

We can blame Irene on Ark Music Factory for its horrible music for making the world so angry they had to have a hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina was never bush’s fault. Nobody ever said it was. The response was bush’s fault. Bush didn’t do everything he should have. Bush failed the American people during that time.


lol, why the heck are natural disasters blamed upon presidents? XD.
Obama blames Bush for everything.. so, I guess this is the chance to blame for Obama lol.

I think Obama has too much riding on his @$$–let’s give him a free pass on this one…



As long as I can blame the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs on Bob Dole.

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