Suggestions For Potty Training Twins?

I have twin boys that will be 2 in August. They have gotten to the point that they tell me when they need a new diaper (either by bringing me one or saying wet)

The problem I come across is that their father will be gone with work most of the summer and will only be home on the weekends, therefore I will be doing the training by myself and I’m not sure how to handle 2 at a time.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks 🙂

Let them see daddy using the toilet, and if they are willing let them sit on it, if they pee or poo than clap and congratulate them… don’t make a big deal if they don’t. Other suggestion I have is to let them be naked.

They aren’t even 2 yet so letting you know they are wet is not the same as being ready to pee in the potty before the fact. Try letting them run naked with a pair of potties near by they can go too and don’t sweat it. Most children can’t hold it until after 2, close to age 3.

I use fruit loops, I recommend a colorful cerial that the kids do not actually eat. I would throw a few in the toilet and make it into a contest between him and his cousin (same age). Blue was 5 points, Green 4, etc… and then they would want to go to the toilet as much as possible. For poop, I would award 10 points for making it all in the toilet and 15 for no skid marks, after inspection. When the kids got to 100 points they got an ice pop (I would freeze their juice with sticks in it, they loved it) or take them out for a small smoothie or something. Boys love games and they love competition. It’ll get them motivated

I even have 3 12 months previous twin females and potty practise grow to be my WORST nightmare! lol! they are my first so i grow to be completely lost. although, i chanced on something that worked. considered one of mine did no longer choose to pass the two. I nevertheless made them pass jointly and each and every time I went, they went. each and each had a potty and despite if or no longer they actually used it, they the two sat jointly. i could compliment their efforts. I did a huge occasion themed poster w/ each and each of their names on it. they chosen their stickers and each and every time they went they extra a decal to the chart and stored one. additionally, everytime I went to the shop, they could %. a %. of panties. I continuously referred to them being huge woman panties and we worshiped those panties. each and every time they grimy the panties we tied them in a grocery bag and threw them away. it could smash their hearts. They promptly stopped! you are able to set targets for them. in the event that they do no longer moist all week, they are in a position to get a toy or something like that. endurance is fundamental regardless of the undeniable fact that. Be very careful in attempting to no longer practice your unhappiness. this is annoying yet whilst they start getting the carry of it, you will quickly forget approximately this section.

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