Sydney Sixes won the CLT20! But after all it was just hit and giggle :)?

So does this win have any value? Wasn’t it just a fluke? ADHD lol?
(pun intended)

Real Talk &amp:gt:
Ok time for the real talk. And it’s obvious that Sydney Sixes proved that T20 is not about hit and giggle or blind slogging but about playing quality and balanced cricket! Didn’t they?

We also had pretty balanced tracks in SA too. On flat tracks batters will dominate in any format regardless whether it is t20, tests or odi’es.

So Sydney Sixes have proved something, agree?

While I am proud of the Sixers win I didn’t see any of the matches & it doesn’t change my opinion of T20.I think those trying to get rid of ODIs & tests in place of T20 arev wrong & letting the sport down.I still say it’s all about money and greedy,corrupt people(franchise owners) I don’t blame the players all that much,they will go where the money is because they have families to keep.Tests will always remain the real form of the game to me.

I’ve never thought T20 is all about hitting & slogging.And I don’t understand y some people here thinks so.U can’t just keep slogging every delivery.If that was the case we would had seen teams getting all out in less than 10 overs.It’s important to ensure that u don’t lose more than 2 to 3wickets in the first 10 to 13 overs.U need to keep rotating the strikes,hit an odd boundary & keep the scoreboard ticking.I agree with u totally,it’s important to play balanced cricket.

And this is applicable whether it is an Indian flat tracks or Any other slow & bouncy tracks.If it was just slogging we could see 250 every match in IPL,whereas scores like 170-175 still remains the par score in IPL.I always deny that T20 cricket is all about slogging.If u were speaking of a 5-over hong kong sixes tournament I may agree but when it comes to T20 u need to be good at every angle,atleast for some period in the game.

And Sydney sixers worked hard to achieve their win.Beating 2 IPL teams,remaining undefeated in the tournament was no fluke.They played well & deserves all their credits.And I didn’t see anything different in the T20 cricket they played,.Just normal T20 matches like any other tournament although Many of the matches were low scoring.

Well done to The Sixers, they played the best cricket throughout the tournement. I see it as a bit of both – there is skill involved in T20 but a lot of it comes down to luck on the day. The Sixers struck a blow for the non-IPL teams I think. However overall I will not miss the tournement now it’s over and am pleased test cricket starts again soon.

Regardless of whether a team from my country wins or not, its still hit and giggle to me. Anyone who thinks I am wrong is living in the world of ignorance. Why? because its my view and you, Mel or anyone else has no rights to try and change my view. Its mine and I am entitled to it. Other people have their views and I can respect that, so get over it. T20 is hit and giggle and that’s what I think.

Edit Mel – I don’t have the problem you do. I don’t bring this up constantly you do. You seem to add the ” Why do users call T20 giggle cricket” in a lot of your answers. You have the problem with my and Joeblow’s view. You don’t seem to realise its you that has the problem not me. I just have the view you can’t stop commenting on, I just keep pulling your chain and you keep flushing. Its quite amusing actually. Dinith I know your not trying to change anyone’s view. You just like to ask questions that will cause a stir and that’s amusing also…………….T20= Hit n Giggle

Edit Dinith – Yes mate I don’t have a problem with your line of questioning. I know you like setting the cat among the pigeons most times and that just adds healthy debate. I just take exception to Mel commenting about other’s feelings on T20 and then writing that WE keep bringing it up. T20 to me is just hit and giggle and that’s an opinion that I am entitled to. So don’t you change your way you ask questions because you have the right to do it the way you want, just the same as me.

Some people will never change their views because there’s a meaning that lies deeper. They are afraid of change.

T20 cricket is not hit and giggle and its certainly not for ADHD individuals. People who say such things are living in the world of ignorance.

Change takes time though.

Mr Jinx, no one can change your view, only you have the power to do that. I don’t know why you continue to feel threatened when people express their views. Maybe your opinion stands on weak foundations. There is a considerable difference in saying I believe T20 is ‘hit and giggle’ and saying I don’t believe T20 cricket requires proper skill. The latter attracts more respect.

Mr Jinx where have I ever stated that you bring it up…. However, everytime I give my answer you take it as some personal attack on yourself, it’s not. You don’t need to continuously broadcast that you are entitled to your opinions. We all know that.

Till date it is said that India lost to England 8-0 on the 2011 tour but how come 8-0, 4 Tests, 3 Odi’s & 1 T-20.
This year’s T-20 W.C. saw Australia making serious efforts, for winning but they reached Semis only. That was after they hit nadir, when they became the bottom ranked team, behind Ireland.
Now this win last night by Sydney 6’s have been hailed by all the Aussies.
Maybe now they have a chance to realize that Australia can also win trophies in this format, so nobody has rued the same fact that they have been mostly calling it hit & giggle on every given occasion but that was when they didn’t do too well..

i missed it glad they won thou they beat everybody in the Competition and that is very very difficult to do.
i dont know how they did it whether it was team work ? or good management but wev said before cricket isn’t conducive to team work but well don Sydney

Regardless of if an Australian team wins or not, it is and always will be hit and giggle cricket.

I do not follow any domestic t20 side and only look at the results of international t20’s when others talk about it on here. I really could not care whether my local domestic t20 team won or lost, just the same as I couldn’t care for the result in international t20 matches involving Australia.

That’s what I tried to ask a couple of weeks before here, based upon Harsha’s opinions.


I think no body bothered to read the full article.


Exactly at least we got Warner and Watson back early

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