US military in Japan?

When will the US military leave Japan?

The bases in Japan are a huge strategic position.

We can deliver troops, planes, and pressure to anywhere in the world because of our military bases. We have defensive depth, meaning that we can see the enemy coming before they can actually hit us, and more importantly our civilian areas.

Bases like the ones in Japan are vital to the defense of our nation in a modern context. I hope they’re not closed, they keep us safer.

Not very likely to happen. Japan’s constitution, wrote after WWII, prohibits Japan’s military from going any where outside of Japan. Our presence there is a security blanket for them.
If we pulled out the economy on Okinawa would collapse. U.S troops, family members, and civilian contract jobs pump billions into the economy of just that one island.

never..that was part of the deal when japan was defeated in world war two…they cant be all over the world and we keep bases there..we are not the only country that has bases there ours are just the primary bases…the thing about japan is they have their military on those same bases

When they don’t get satisfied with the budget of Omoiyari Yosan (Host Nation Support) from Japan government.

Good question.
We should pull the military out of japan and put them on the canadian border. And pull the military out of germany and put them on the mexican border. Secure the borders, because that is the most pressing issue in america today.


Shortly after the Japanese ask us to, if ever. Not very likely though because they want and need us to be forward deployed in the region as part of their overall defense.

not going to happen. the official policy is that Japan wants us there.


I think we will always have a small contingent there,

im guessing never….

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