What do you think of Americans/America?

I’m kind of doing a little survey if you will on what people from other parts of the world think of America Americans (I’m American). I’m just curious so just say what the first things you think of are. Thanks!

America is a melting pot with contents from all foreign countries, yet “Americans” are the only ones that seem to turn a blind-eye to this fact! Americans are all just children of immigrants.. how quickly they forget.

I’m American But I Notice Too Many Of Us Are Ignorant. A Lot Of Us Can Never Work Out Are Differences. That’s What Keeps Us Separated. Most Americans Can’t Really Agree On Anything. Also We Always Pick A President Who Never Does His Job Right.

I’ll admit I am a natural born American citizen (sorry but I just wanted to add my two cents) currently still living in America but I think I might have to agree with Flying Spaghetti Monster’s description.

We in general fall for a lot of crap and can be very arrogant about our “freedom” and all that which is slowly being taken away from us.

People (mainly Republicans) still throw around words that are no longer relevant or scary/shocking (after the Cold War) like “commie” and “socialist” whenever they don’t like something instead of intelligently criticizing it. We can be very selfish, which ties in to the whole socialist thing. For example in Europe universal health care is seen as a given, but in America, no, to care for every person’s medical needs is much too socialist, that cannot fly, even though nowhere in the constitution does it say “thou shalt not be socialist.” The concept did not even really exist at the time it was written, before Marx!

Many of us are still bigots, just not outright like in the segregated South because there are laws against that now. We eat a lot of processed foods and we are becoming increasingly obese and ignorant. Our two political parties, the Republicans (right wing) and the Democrats (left wing) do so much bickering for power and votes between them that nothing ever gets done and election time has become a farce.

There is the exception of intelligent, informed individuals (like Spaghetti mentioned) who know that the media and the politicians and the corporations are never to be fully trusted, and that many dirty companies like Monsanto are in cahoots with the supposed regulatory agencies like the FDA. I hope I can consider myself to be one of them, as I am under 18 and can argue with adults twice or three times my age. 🙂

G’day! I live in the Land Down Under (and today we celebrate our Australia Day, by the way). Would you like a vegemite sandwich?

I love Americans. I love their optimism, their creativity and bounce. Over the years of operating online, I have made heaps of good friends who live in the USA, and have enjoyed countless challenging debates on this or that issue.

I do not like America (the gestalt). I find the arrogance, the “God’s on Our Side” maxim, the perceived need to manipulate or dominate the rest of the world, the white-hat/good-guys syndrome, the greed, the rampant consumerism etc extremely worrying.

When I think of Americans generally I think of a large proportion of patriotic and ignorant people. They are generally kind but their ignorance is a flaw. Of course I have met many smart and educated ones who know a lot about the whole world and not just something within the US walls.

When I think of America I think of a nation full of innovation in technology and the arts. An enormous economy, and McDonalds and other fast food industries poisoning the people.

LOL on the 1st 2 solutions, thats a real laugh while the financial equipment’s very almost crashing into the floor… uhm ill pass with “conceited pricks”, no longer each and every physique is conceited yet those that are are so overzealous that they provide each and every physique right here a bad call. and regrettably an excellent style of the typical public p.c. those people into government because of the fact its lots much less complicated to declare that each and every thing we do is outstanding and we shouldnt substitute, than to declare that we are making blunders and living interior the previous and that we could desire to continually settle for brand spanking new suggestions and consider changing the strategies wherein we live i dont like this united states very lots

Although ive never been to America that’s not important, because ive got a pretty well informed picture what the US is like more or less what Ive read and what Ive seen on tele, and yeah i think we can all agree the US is one pretty much f’ucked up giant funny farm, two things that many Americans are absolutely illogical about are guns and religion, to the point that they can barely discuss either, in the bible belt there totally “God and guns” loony tunes do they really think that one day Jesus will appear but not doing a bit of the old jiggery-pokery show his authority by performing a few different miracles, a bit of walking on water, heal a few lepers dib a dib dab all the lepers are fab some Abracadabra on some blind people,interrupt a funeral and presto changeo the deceased is back to life, feed the masses with five loaves and the two fishes

instead he’ll be an updated 21st century hasta la vista baby version with an Uzi ( and a gang of disciples armed with automatic assault weapons) thus looking up to heaven, he gave thanks declaring behold I am the bread of life he who comes to me shall never hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst, and he who f’ucks with me will know the wrath of my f’ucking Uzi just remember you isnt dealing with an the Old Testament Prophet, i is a gangster Prophet, i is GODS kid big jazzy J the rapper from the sky

Yeah America is f’ucked up alright but that said the UK is f’ucked up as well so there you go, for the most part Americans are alright in fact truth be known there just as funny as us Brits thats why we like taking the p!ss out of them, most Americans don’t realise if we didn’t like them we wouldn’t take the p!ss out of them, we would just ignore them like we do the french, a lot of Americans tend to take themselves to seriously where as for Brits the ability to laugh at ourselves and take the p!ss out of each other is a normal way of life its part of our national character, so really we more or less treat Americans the same way we treat each other

I find alot of them them arrogent and too patriotic. They can be quite obnoxious and think that they’re better than everyone else and get offended extremely easily. Not all of them though. However I do think they are a very generous race and most of them seem to be quite charitable and willing to help others which i think is a very admirable quality :]

When I think of America I think of awesome shops, loads of water and amusement parks, decent weather and lots of fast food chains. I like America, theres lots to do :]

there are a lot of them, some good, some bad, many in between, they are very diverse in shape, size, education, and all other human qualities but seem to have a tendency towards having a superiority complex almost as strong as us English but they are more prone to demonstrate it openly while the English are more understated

Mexicans are better in all way

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