What to do for my aunt on her birthday she just lost her son i wanna do something special any ideas?

My 18 year old cousin was murdered 2 months ago he was saving a women and her child from an abusive husband when he was shot in the head. My aunt is still very broken up over this because he was her only child her birthday is on friday and I’ve been saving money for the past month i have 800 dollars saved i wanna do something very nice for her and my parents are giving me an extra 400 dollars so 1200$ any ideas of what i can do for her? I want to spend the whole 1200$ on her because i feel very sad for her i am 16 so something that will be enjoyable for the both of us thank you

First ,it’s incredibly generous of you to be doing this, but I don’t think you should go overboard. She has experienced the greatest loss a person can have in life, and it’s still incredibly raw. In a way, it almost might be better to aim for Christmas, because I can promise she will be a wreck when she goes through her first Christmas without him. Nobody can imagine the pain she’s in right now unless they’ve lost a child themselves.

As for ideas, the problem is we don’t know her! It all depends on the types of things she’d like. Also, I don’t think it’s a good idea to plan a birthday celebration. For adults, birthdays aren’t that big a deal, and I seriously doubt she’s in the mood for a party.

So think about the things she loves and wouldn’t expect. If she has an NFL team she follows, what about tickets to a big upcoming division game? Your parents should have other ideas, too. What about a road trip to a nearby quaint little town? It’s just so hard not knowing her.

I know this idea may be kind of limited based on the budget but why don’t you do something for her where she can relax? Maybe a short trip somewhere nice or a resort? A spa day with a nice hotel for her to stay in after? Or she can have a spa day or something and then come home to a nice birthday celebration. Make all of her favorite meals and foods and include all of the music she likes. Decorate. Do something
Where you can tell her how much she means to all of you & how you all appreciate her. And Maybe you can even give her something nice that could remind her of her son. Maybe give her a ring or necklace with her sons initials. I hope I gave you some ideas that you can actually do and consider.

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