Where will America stand in the world 3 years from now?

Please answer in the form of a haiku.

America stands
In 3 years as it is now
Northern Hemisphere

Small Recession
3 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package
Large Depression

Struggling Economy
Lowering taxes stimulates economy, but no,
9.4% Unemployment

Add 30+ Czars, Nationalize Banks, Companys, and Health Care

America is fed up, House Elections in 2010, Presidential in 2012
Bring back a President who believes in Capitalism, in Democracy, and that the American People are the real source of change in our country!

God bless America!

As the World’s greatest Democracy and representative Government when Americans dump Obama.

America was
In a bad spot, but then things
Got a lot better

the end. I suck at haikus lol

“live to fish” you are obviously very pesimistic. you probably dont date much and you probably stink. I think the US will be very successful in the future. our economy will grow because we will create more jobs. people will come together and we will build a new america with less greedy people and more optimistic people. 🙂

Screw Haiku

America will stand underneath a radioactive cloud

Thank you Obama

The wind cracks mountains,
A new world is being birthed,
The old one is gone.

Our dollar is still #1
Despite Obama’s effort to destroy
we will be okay
as long as obama is gone or impotent

Down the drain
USA ruined
hope and change

GOP will be no more, and Obama will say “How you like me now?”

Just watch him pull it off.

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