Why didn t Republicans do anything about Health Care when they controlled congress 6 out of Bush s 8 years?

And don’t automatically label me a liberal because I’m not. I just find it hypocritical that Republicans did nothing when they were in power yet they want to criticize and offer the same old solutions now. I’m actually turned off by both parties but Republicans just turn me off more.

Because they didn’t care then and they don’t care now, what they have offered in the way of reform is a token gesture, their step by step approach is just a stalling tactic.

And as you see on here the ignorance is unbelievable, the ”duh why fix what isn’t broken” answer you are seeing is just typical of those who just don’t want to know the facts, who don’t care that the country they are always going on about being so great allows nearly 1000 people to die every week because they can’t afford insurance, they don’t want to know that medical debt is the biggest cause of bankruptcy of which 80% are insured, they don’t want to know until it happens to them that is, how have people become so utterly selfish and so utterly f*****g stupid!!!

Why in the last five or six decades as any attempt at reform been put down, and why are republicans so reluctant to say anything against the digusting inhuman practicies of the insurers???

If politicians of both sides of the political spectrum really put the health and well being of Americans as their main priority then this stinking inhuman for profit system would have been thrown on the scrap heap decades ago!!!

They did. In 2008, the GOP and Bush pushed a $1.08 trillion dollar health care reform bill that awarded government perks to the health insurance industry and screwed everyone else. 4 years earlier, he passed the nightmarish Prescription Part D plan that cost two times as much as he let on ($950B), but left everyone in a rut and in serious economic trouble–because of the outrageous co-pays!

Cause it wasn’t broken.
It is only Hussein and his thugs that have been pushing this agenda. With the media in their back pocket all of a sudden we MUST “fix” health care.
Read between the lines and you get, We must take more of Steve’s money that he works hard for and give it to Obamas homies in Chicago so they can get medical treatment when they OD on crack.

it wasnt a priority. even when obama was a couple months into prioritizing it, polls put it between number 6 and 8 of issues people cared about at the time. and i dont think any political party should turn you on… lol

I can’t wait for the day when you see the $1000 fine from the IRS telling you that you forgot to pay for your national product. Don’t worry, that $1000 will be going for a good cause, you can trust the government.

Because Health Care is not first and foremost among Reps as it is to Dems. Why do Dems work so hard at getting everyone Health care when no one has jobs or homes? You figure it out.

Because there was not a filibuster proof super majority to force things through with bribes and such.

Because they have no interest in health care reform. All this crap about “let’s start over” are just code words for killing reform.

They didn’t want to fix HC the right way because it would be bad politically for them. I’m not going to defend their inaction.

They did but the Dems filibustered their efforts.

Not that it matters because you obviously wont look it up yourself since youre obviously just a lying sack of monkeyshit liberal trying to make others think youre not.

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