Why do people who support same-sex marriage bristle when you mention polygamy?

Love is love, correct?

So why not allow all forms of love be cemented in marriage?

By the way I do not support either form/ perversion (polygamy and same-sex) of marriage..

hooooo boy…

I am a hetero, monogamous, conservative/moderate/ Christian.


Because that is how I was raised. More than 80% of all the people on this planet follow a similar religious belief structure to that in which they were raised. Your personality is shaped genetically—your beliefs are shaped by the people you associate with. this extends to all of the BIG THREE, religion, politics and sex.

Do I support gay marriage? well, not exactly, and neither does my gay brother. But do I believe that any committed couple should be able to secure rights in property, insurance, inheritance, etc? Yeah.

Do I support polygamy? NO. I think that one woman is all a man can handle. But…if consenting adults choose to live in a plural relationship, like king David, Soloman, sheesh, even Abraham…it is not my place to stop this.

I do not approve of, or llike, a whole lot of things. That does not make it my perrogative to try to prevent consenting ADULTS from doing what they will, and I know that polygs have abused and coerced children, that there are bad consequences sometimes around homosexual marriage. There abuses might not have occurred if polygs were not living in a secret society, hiding from the law…

But, yeah, in fact, tho I recognize your sarcasm, love IS love, and can exist in relationships that are unfamiliar or repulsive to me. I don’t have to like it, associate with it, whatever—but I am not authorized to prohibit or persecute it.


Because, like I said, the overwhelming majority of people on this planet follow similar belief structures to those in which they were raised.

That means the what I believe has little to do with reality—it has EVERYTHING to do with where, by whom, and how I was raised. I do not have a hammerlock on reality.

my guess is, neither do you. No offense intended.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want more than one spouse, not for any ethical reasons, but it would just be too much work. Unless you got yourself a couple of sugar daddies.

Hmmm good point. Or worse, they endorse both of them.

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