Why does it tell you when Ron Paul get more donations from members of the military and he s anti war?

Ron Paul raised more money in the last election from members of the military and he was the only anti war candidate, what does that show you about our nations feeling about the wars? Don’t forget that Ron Paul served in the Air Force and he is becoming ever more popular among Americans of all ages and different backgrounds. People are getting tired of the politicians same old rhetoric and that’s why Ron Pauls message speaks to the masses. Even if he doesn’t win the next election, his ideas and what he stands for has really opened a lot of peoples eyes. It boggles my mind how Americans won’t vote for a man of consistent principled integrity…But seeing how he raised more money than anyone else from men and women in the military and he opposes the wars, what does that show you in terms of how the people in the military feel about the war? Not only that, I believe that MOST Americans are sick of our politicians justification of our military being present in Iraq and Afghanistan and I think that’s why Ron Paul has such a huge support system.

It tells me the people who actually fight the damn wars others start have it right ….Ron Paul has been smeared by the defense contractors for far too long . It is his time to lead this once great country . Listen to him speak and it will open your ears to the truth .. He is the ONLY one wise enough to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ..

Soldiers aren’t war-mongers. They are (for the most part) good people. It is the politicians who take advantage of sodiers’ patriotism that starts war.

Military has above average intelligence which helps explain it. Military has a high percentage of minorities-mostly blacks, which might seem kind of odd with that statistic. A lot of people that oppose Ron are unemployed, financially irresponsible, illegal alien or lazy-you don’t find those in the Armed Forces.

I’m not going to support him just because of his stance on international issues.

The whole reason why I don’t like him is because of his non-interventionist stance on domestic issues.

I like how he has personal integrity, you don’t find that in many politicians. But I don’t agree with his policies.

Paul is a noninterventionist except unless it’s for trade or they ask for our assistance or we’re directly attacked.

Why does it tell you?
Most servicemen and women have always been anti-war

Politicians should all go screw when it comes to the military. They should all go screw (almost all) just on their principal.
Ron scares Washington but he does not scare those who can not be scared : the U.S. Armed Services.

Why, or what? What it tells us is that some people are betting that his anti-war position is disingenuous.

Ron Paul is a good man. But Obama was anti-war and look at him now

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