Why does VA State Senator Louise Lucas say Virginians are racist because VA polls show Obama tied with Romney?

The latest Quinnipiac poll in Virginia has the race in Virginia 44 to 44. Rasmussen Reports has Obama up by just 1 point. [link]

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas (Who is African-American) has an explanation.
1.Virginians are on vacation.
2.They are racist.

What I’m saying to you.. Mitt Romney is speaking to … a segment of the population … who does not like to see someone other than a White man in the White House… or in any other elected position. Let’s be real clear about it… We know what’s going on here. Some people may be afraid to say it but I’m not. He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody other than a White person in a leadership position.

Wierd, cause Obama beat McCain in 2008 by 4 points……

This woman is a moron. The idea that anyone who has made it to public office would think that the only possible reason someone would not vote for Obama is racism is pathetic.

Does she think issues don’t matter?

Believe me money has bought Romney any status he may have. It is major flawed.Obama is well liked and will not be denied.

how typical

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