Will a new born get UK nationality if both parents are non UK or EU residents?

Parents are also from different countries, met un UK , none have current legal papers , what if any get deported ? Can they separate the family? A mexican , with an Indian… both have been in UK for more than 5 years.

Children born in the UK of non UK parents or of parents who are not legally settled in the UK i.e. have ILR, are not entitled to British citizenship. The child will be joint Mexican/Indian is also illegal if the parents are illegal.

They won’t separate the family if you are caught. You won’t be deported unless you commit a crime or become an undesirable. You will be removed, different thing entirely. You will have the choice as to which country you wish to return to as you do have a choice. Neither of you are stateless.

The number of years you have been in the UK illegally makes no difference. There is a misapprehension that you can stay in the UK illegally for 14 years and get ILR. In practice, this is only really possible for those who have very strong ties to the UK e.g. someone who came as a child and who now has strong UK connections such as family who are citizens or settled in the UK. You must also have entered legally in the first place, not illegally.

The child takes the nationality of it’s parents and if the parents are illegally in the country, then so is the baby! If parents get deported, baby goes with them.

Anthony: I believe the questioner is saying the child was born IN the UK to illegal immigrants.

A child born in the UK cannot claim British citzienship at birth unless the parent(s) are British or considered to be permanently settled, as you are both illegally in the country the child cannot take British nationality

August’s child, your daughter is NOT entitled to claim German citizenship – to claim German citizenship by birth in Germany one or both parents must be German, since neither of you are German she cannot claim German citzienship.

Anthony, read the question

a million) His 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days ban is up, so because it is honestly no longer a concern. 2) Having a baby with a US citizen will via no skill help his application. 3) as quickly as married, do a consular submitting to get him to the U. S., you will desire somebody returned in the states who’s prepared to be a co sponsor, who meets the earnings standards. you will additionally desire someplace to stay (family is wonderful). in case you won’t be in a position to do those 2 issues, then you will could circulate to the states on my own without him, get a job and a place to stay..then record for him to connect you.

No. If neither parent is British, the child wont be either. If you’re worried about getting deported, why not leave now and save us the expense.

nope you’re toast go home..

to legalese illegal aliens would bring 1.2 billion tax revenue but cost 4,8 billion to the UK in dependancy costs pa..

I’m not being mean for means sake I see poor native people and how they are abandoned/written off by the British system and it makes me angry.

Under British nationality law a child born to British parents outside of the UK does not automatically become a British citizen. However, depending on the type of citizenship or nationality held by the parents, it may be possible to register the child as a British citizen or as another type of British national. British citizens or nationals who adopt children from abroad may also use the procedure described below to register their adopted children as British citizens or nationals.

British nationality rules changed on 1 January 1983 when the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force – prior to that date British women were not able to pass their nationality on to their children. Some of the rules and definitions changed again on 21 May 2002 – the procedure described below applies to children born after that date. The rules on registration also differ for children born before 1st July 2006 as, prior to that date, fathers could generally only pass on their nationality if they were married to the child’s mother

Registering a Child as a British Citizen
It may be possible to register a child born outside the UK to a British citizen by descent as a British citizen if:
The parent was born to a British citizen otherwise than by descent and satisfied a minimum qualifying residence period in the UK of 3 years prior to the child’s birth. An application to register a child on this basis must be made before the child is one-year-old. The child would become a citizen by descent and therefore would generally not be able to pass on British citizenship to his or her own children. OR,
The child and both of its parents have lived in the UK for a minimum qualifying period of three years. If both parents agree to the child being registered as a citizen, applications may be made on this ground up to the child’s 18th birthday. A child registered as a citizen on this basis will become a citizen otherwise than by descent and will be able to pass citizenship on to his or her own children. Children over 10 must be “of good character” to qualify for registration which means that they must have respected the laws, rights and freedoms of the UK.

Husband and I are American, daughter was born in Germany. She can go back and live, but we cannot.

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