Aren’t there 16 Arab Nations supporting the peace talks between Israel and Palestine???

Except Israel and Iran? The Palestinians are violently protesting… Your thoughts…???

//I don’t understand your question..
What do you mean except Israel and Iran, so Israel doesn’t support peace although the whole Issue is about it?
The Palestinians are protesting violently? About what, about the 16 Arabic countries supporting peace or Israel and Iran who don’t support peace, please add more details. I listened to news and I know most Palestinians support the peace deal.//


Thanks for clarifying that Nesicha Y and I am sorry for being late to get back to you, I was so busy.
I heard that some people from both sides don’t support the negotiation. Some Israelis from one hand don’t agree the deal because it may mean that they lose a part of Jerusalem and peace is not guaranteed. We all know what happened in Gaza after the Israelis gave it to the Palestinians so some Israelis are afraid the same thing will happen. I read that about 55% of Israelis are against it. From the other side, many palestinians are afraid that the Israelis don’t keep their word and many of them disagree with it because they think that the state will be weak and poor and the Israelis may reoccupy it at any time. Most of those who support Hamas disagree with it because they want the whole country and they think that what they &quot:will&quot: get is not enough.

I hope I answered your question. Once again thanks for adding details.

And thanks to Malka D2. I love all your posts. You are a nice and tolerant person.

Yes there are 16 Arab nations that support the peace talks but many in the middle east are upset from both sides.

Mimi has a good eye for these kind of questions, she is a sweet girl along with Hopeless.

I think despite all this, we are finally heading to the road of peace.

Thers so many people against giving away more land in Israel and no peace will happen..

Yes but there are a lot of protesting going on.

Yes there are but things aren’t looking good for both sides now.

sure i have thoughts.
israel does not want talks b/c they want to destroy palestine and make sure they have not state. and the palestians had a country before stupid israelis decided to kill and destroy the land.
iran does not think that there should be a israeli state period. it was never theres to begin with.


According to this Yahoo article, Iran and Hamas are not supporting the peace talks.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Peace

Yeah we need world peace.

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