AWD, Good Mileage, And a pretty decent looking car?

I’m getting my license soon and my father is willing to split money with me to get a car. What would be a good car to start out with that has what I am asking for above, or close to?
I am more of a sports car person (no not a convertible, but something like an SUV or prius) but where I live front wheel drive really isn’t the safest thing with the weather conditions.

There is always the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. However, the Prius is a fine winter car when fitted with proper severe service tires (such as Nokian WR-g2). It has vehicle stability control (VSC) which is a system that prevents doughnuts in slippery conditions if you are going anything like a reasonable speed for the conditions (you can also buy a Benz or Porsche and get VSC but both are a little pricey).

I have several winters now on my 2004 Prius and have driven through blizzards and ice storms without any problem–even when cars and SUVs around me were sliding into the ditches. I’ve had SUVs and about the only places I would take them where I wouldn’t take the Prius is in deep off-road snow (the Prius doesn’t have the ground clearance–it’s a car). For on-road conditions, I’d take the Prius with decent tires any day (the OE tires are not the greatest for snow and ice–they work to a point and VSC will save you, but they’re not severe service tires).

I agree on some factors already reported. AWD potential no longer something in case you’re actually not employing it with a high quality set of iciness tires. additionally, you will likely ought to compromise on your gasoline mileage standards on maximum SUVs. It purely is purely no longer there in many cases: the better weight of the drivetrain and automobile ordinarily prevents it, between different issues. I do exactly like the Subaru innovations and fairly is the superb bang to your greenback while it is composed of AWD secure practices and gasoline mileage. Legacy, Forester, Outback Wagon or the smaller Impreza. can no longer fairly bypass incorrect with any of those. confident, some fashions do have their costly issues, yet thankfully, maximum Subaru vendors love their automobiles sufficient to get this dealt with.

Kia Sportage

a subaru impreza wrx or sti is great awd car you could also try an audi

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