Could the United States suffer a similar fate as the USSR in Afghanistan?

First, I want to establish that I am not trying to offend anyone and I am as patriotic as the day is long but I am curious about our situation in Afghanistan. I have great respect for you vets and I cannot fathom what you have experienced as I have not been in the military yet.
That said, I want to know your opinion of the possible damage this war could do to us. I’m aware that the situation was somewhat different in 1979 with the Soviets. The Soviets by this time were facing some heavy, self-destructive corruption in their own government. I know that the Soviet purpose was to assist a communist faction in Afghanistan. If anyone uttered the word communism the Soviets seemed to be already behind them with arms, ready to support a fight. They had their hands in several pots, so to speak. I know that the United States, among other western countries, supported Soviet-opposed factions such as the Mujaheddin in attempt to undermine the Soviets and make things as difficult for them as possible.
Nowadays it seems that the roles are reversed. The United States has occupied Afghanistan in attempt to root out organizations that support attacks on the US, while also trying to establish a respectable fighting force to maintain order in Afghanistan under Karzai of all people. I have heard that countries such as China, Pakistan, and even Russia in some cases have been supporting the United States’ enemies in the region via proxy warfare and other means. So I say again, role reversal?
I read a figure on the Iraq war a few years back saying that the war cost the US approximately $4 trillion annually. I can only imagine what the War in Afghanistan is costing the United States. Wasn’t Afghanistan one of the final straws that broke the camel’s back for the Soviet Union? I know the US economy is more deeply-rooted than the USSR’s was but still. We have less corruption (though some may argue this). But with this recent second campaign of a series of wars in the middle east over the last decade, could this drive us into a situation from which it is impossible to recover as a nation? I mean, we still have a massive spending deficit and a $14 trillion+ amount of national debt on top of all of this.

I feel obligated to say once again that I wish the best for the United States as I am a proud citizen but I maintain my concern. Thank you to the vets as well. I cannot empathize with the veterans, but I hope to one day gain my own experiences in the area.

(i) Your first remark is interesting:
#you fear being seen as unpatriotic for expressing reasonable views!!!

(ii) Does any of the following sound familiar to you:
* overstretching of resources
* overspending in the military
* obstination to solve too complex conflictgs`
* crumbling infrastructure at home
* general discontent of the population
* state involved in pointless and enless conflicts
* ignore real problems
* lack of transparency about conflicts
* backlash from previous maneuver
* not realistic goal (the USSRВґs final goal was an access to the Indian Ocean – for a goal which lacks any sanity – look at the doctrine of the neocons from PNAC)

It almost happened. We got Osama, thanks to Obama, now we can declare victory and move out. It is called the burial ground of the emperors for a reason. Alexander would have agreed.

We Have! We are! and We Will!

One who has been there.

We already are.

We’ve accomplished everything we can reasonably expect to accomplish in that country, and should leave as soon as possible.


Nope, there are no super powers supporting the taliban and we have a greater margin of local support than the russians did.

No if we wanted to and if we got rid of the commies in the government we would just nuke the **** out of the terrorists

Sad but true. It is bankrupting us even now. .

tjhis is usa and no if you want to get through me first its ok but we will live till we die not die as i live you got it wrong wrong

Chinese weapons

Liberals would love that

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